Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Monday 2/20/2017)



Three In The Running:
1. Gold.
2. Purple.
3. Green.
First rate-
Mardi Gras Galveston Update.


3 Ways To Know You
Didn’t Pay Attention:
1. You got wet.
2. Missed discount.
3. Trump owns your news.
Didn’t see-
Media wasn’t REALenemy.

Three Companies:
1. This one.
2. That one.
3. All same one.
To merge-
To converge.


Three Continuing To
Spread Across Country:

1. Disagreement.

2. Friendship.

3. Walmart.
Always room for one more-
Wal-Mart store.


3 To Appreciate:
1. Sunshine.
2. A pleasant moment.
3. A hand made craft.
To treasure, to keep-
With good feelings to reap.




Three Thought About Nat Gas
Explosion in South Texas:

1. Glad no one was hurt.

2. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

3. We need less regulations.
Or which two to take away-
When one is added today.


3 Reasons Folks Of
Same Team Can’t Get
Info Straight:
1. ?.
2. !.
3. Confusion.
Oh, brother-
Hard to keep track of
one lie after another.




3 To Prepare For:
1. Occasion.
2. Special date.
3. Next holiday.
Better fared-
When prepared.


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