Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Friday 2/17/2017)

3 Types Of Oil:

1. Motor.

2. Lamp.

3. Tar sand.


To be readily seen-

As it takes years and years to clean.

(if ever) See Kalamazoo River


Three About Fake News:

1. Oh.

2. What.

3. Not real.


A sure bet-

No “real” secret.


3 Special Interest:

1. Billionaires.

2. Millionaires.

3. Everyone else found while draining the swamp.



In midst of lies.


Three To Control:

1. Media.

2. News.

3. Intelligence.


USA not to be akin-

To Russia’s Putin.


Three Places For Vacation:

1. Beach.

2. Island.

3. Russia.



Future Trump hotel.


3 Still Going On:

1. Sunshine.

2. Daily doings.

3. Still bragging about that election.


Good grief-

To “move on” and turn over a new leaf.


Three Reasons For Regulations:

1. Safety.

2. Health.

3. People in general.


But they get in the way-

Of those who “profit” today.


Three Odd:

1. Don’t know what day it is.

2. Don’t know what’s going on.

3. Got gun loaded.


All same-

Fair game.


Three That Need To Be Done:

1. To look.

2. To research.

3. To look again.


A cinch-

Many words do not convince.


Three Components Of Fake News:

1. Not real.

2. Lies.

3. To cover up whatever.


To diffuse-

Lying news.



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