Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Thursday 2/16/2017)

Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Three Guests Yesterday At White House:

1. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

2. Trump son-in-law.

3. First Lady.


To see-

Plenty of company.


Three Vacation Homes:

1. Winter.

2. Summer.

3. All year round.


Quality time to spend-

Every single weekend.


Three Memory Sayings:

1. Can’t recall.

2. Can’t remember.

3. I Forgot To Remember To Forget.


Number 3, Elvis song-

Let’s all sing along.


3 Ways:

1. Up.

2. Higher.

3. Highest.


Time spent-

Working out of that basement.


Three Reasons Obamacare Not Replaced Now:

1. No ideas.

2. No thoughts.

3. No replacements.


So clear-

Gee the naysayers have had years…..


3 Forever:

1. Love.

2. Petrified wood.

3. Diets.


As of late-

Which to choose

to lose weight?


Three About That Russian Phone Call:

1. Why?

2. Why?

3. Why?



To give this scenario purpose.


Three Who Need A Security…

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