Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times (Wednesday 2/15/2017)

Three Places To Get In Shape:

1. Spa.

2. Exercise spot.

3. Doctor’s office.


In Canada, the one-

Where medical field

focuses on prevention.



Three For Infrastructure:

1. Rusted pipes.

2. Rough highways.

3. Leaking dams.


Bars none-

Get it done.



Three Not To Do:

1. Don’t question me.

2. Don’t ask that.

3. Don’t disagree with me.


To detect-

BS 100 percent.

Three Snake Songs:
1. Tube Snake Boogie.
2. Union of the Snake.
3. Snakecharmer.
The Snake Crawls at Night-
Not to be taken light.


Three Reasons For Leaks:
1. Low maintenance.
2. Outdated.
3. Too many flat out lies.
WH sowing-
New form of whistle blowing.


Three Shoved Under The Rug:
1. Dust.
2. Dirt.
3. You know.
To clean, to sweep-
No more secrets to keep.


Three Beginnings:
1. Once upon a time.
2. Genesis.
3. That resignation.
To view and see-
The ENTIRE story.


Three Reasons To Move On:
1. You’re in hurry.
2. You’re in a rush.
3. To avoid the real issue.
We all know-
Where we need to go.



3 Transcripts:
1. High school.
2. College.
3. Russian conversation.
No doubt-
Isn’t this what the flub
is really all about?






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