Three by M. E./Rhymes of the Times (Tuesday 2/14/2017)

Three To Thin Out:
1. Your hair.
2. Traffic.
3. Your home.
Gets rough-
When you have too much stuff.


3 Last:

1. Tree on Easter Island.

2. Piece of ice in Arctic.

3. Bumblebee.


When 1st one was done-

End of ‘that’ civilization



Three Metallica:
1. Until It Sleeps.
2. The Memory Remains.
3. Turn the Page.
Hero of the Day-
With a scheduled Houston concert
in July date, on the way.




Three Ways To Pass A Test:
1. Study.
2. Cram.
3. Take a no-fail test.
For sure a real academic stir-
To make-up your own
unresearched answer.


Three Ways To Catch Up On Inspections:

1. Hire more help.

2. Work harder.

3. Kill those regulations.


Then no hurry-

As in past, no worry.



Three For Sure:

1. Absolute power.

2. 100 % correct.

3. Never wrong.


Time spent-

Listening to folks

defend the USA





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