Christmas In July (2014)

When we were children, we looked forward to the Christmas holidays. You could feel it in the air.
This would be the week before school let out for the Christmas break.

The thought may have passed by at some other point during the year, but there wasn’t much
feeling to it. Now we have Christmas in July. Not really celebrated, but mainly a reminder that
Christmas is at some point, on its way.

There was a time when after the Labor Day holidays, Christmas would begin to peek. Now I’m afraid
that we are pushing the upcoming holidays even further.

While standing at a store counter, I caught something unusual, with the corner of my eye. It was orange
and as I turned around it was the season of Fall and Halloween stuff. I mentioned this to the clerk, at the
counter, and he said the Christmas stuff would be coming next month.

August, hot, possible hurricane, with the chance and opportunity, to be well prepared for Christmas.

We see stuff being sold so far in advance, that last winter someone I knew could not find a heater when
their teeth were chattering. The heaters had been sold out earlier in the season. I’ll have to remind her
to get one now. In the midst, of sweat, is the time to buy heaters, for the winter.

I wish we could go back to that childhood time when we thought about Christmas, when it was almost Christmas.
Remember when they used to cut the tree down the day before, and decorate it too?
Of course, Santa has to think about it the majority of the year, for he has a list with a lot of requests. No shortcut
on this one.

“To write a July rhyme-
That reminds us all of Christmas time.”


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