Story Tellers (2001)

In the newspaper last Friday I read of the passing of a master story teller from Mississippi named Eudora Welty. They say that through her eyes the South came to life. Her pastor Bishop Clay F. Lee commented “Oh what she was able to catch with her eyes, hear with her ears!”

Before her death at the age of 92, she had won a Pulitzer Prize for the Optimists Daughter. Surely the rich stories that she had to tell will enlighten generations throughout time.

Thank goodness for the storytellers of the world, for without them, so much information might be lost. They say that a picture can say a thousand words, which is true, but a story that consists of words cannot be erased.

Once someone hears or reads a good story, it is gonna be passed onto someone else.

Mother Goose made her appearance on one of the Barney episodes that my daughter was watching and had misplaced some of her rhymes. She was quite upset until it was decided that the children would help her to rewrite the wonderful story.

And how was it that some small childrn could help an old woman to rewrite her own stories? They had heard them over and over again when they were old enough to understand and knew them all by heart.

Of course Mother Goose is a ficticious character, but the moral of the story can be applied to real life. We learn best through the storytellers of this world, and each one leaves their mark, which is renewed each time one of their stories are re-read or re-told.

“Storytellers of this world tell us a story and we pass it on-
Today, tommorrow, and long after they are gone!”


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