Clear-That Fear (21)

We cannot control Mother Nature-

But with panic and anxiety, we can learn to control and endure.




Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (18)

The rain came, we heard the sound-

And before long, there was much debris, on the ground.



Clear-That Fear (20)

With extreme tension, on my back, I walked into the store-

And decided to leave that anxiety, at the door.



Three That Are Upset About The Conditions Of State Park Funding (2006)

1. The rangers.

2. Politicians.

3. Yogi Bear.


Smarter than the average bear-

Hopes that someone out there, figures out something,



Three Things That Are Great When They’re Aged (2006)

1. Wine.

2. Cheese.

3. A ninety year old bartender from New York.


At a ripe old age-

Still employed, earning a living wage!


Three Reasons To Put On Your Turning Signal When You Are Getting Ready To Change Lanes (2006)

1. To let the other drivers know of your impending action.

2. To avoid an accident.

3. To ensure that you never get to change lanes.


Those who see someone getting ready to change lanes through their blinker-

Ultimately, speed up on purpose, just to be a stinker!


Three Things That I Am Grateful For (2009)


1. That we are all one nation.

2. That we have the freedom to say so.

3. That we watch our government NOW so closely.
If only we had done so before-
Perhaps we wouldn’t be facing what all that is in store.


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