Three That Crept Halloween Night (2014)

1. Ghouls.
2. Ghosts.
3. Monaghan’s Annual Halloween Parade.
As it were-
Through the French Quarter.


Three Who Listen To Music (2014)

1. Musicians.
2. Songwriters.
3. Singers.
No yield-
Folks participating, in their
own field.


Three To Copy (2014)

1. Document.
2. Picture.
3. Other people.
To repeat, to fall in line-
Without much thought,
without much mind.


Clear-That Fear (103)

It can’t all be wrong-

For once you control the panic and anxiety, you stand strong.




Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (58)

This is the time of the year, when it feels so much the better-

When you happen to bring along your sweater.



Clear-That Fear (102)

Time to spend-

Practicing that panic and anxiety defend.



Three To Get A Real Treat For Halloween (2010)


1. The children.

2. Many adults.

3. The retailers.
Folks by the galore-
Halloween shopping, throughout the store.


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