Three For The Disabled (2014)


1. Plans.

2. Dreams.

3. Access.
All has to be fair-
In the route, to get there.


Three Things We Do Not Like To See (2006)

1. Trash on the road.
2. A person going hungry.
3. A tropical depression out in the Atlantic.
Best empty-
Most would agree.

The Short-To Sport (49)

Patience to strive-

Waiting for Downton Abbey Season 5.



Three For Footwear (2014)

1. Boots.

2. Flats.

3. None at all.


Where foot and ground meet-

Time to resort to simply bare feet.



Three Things We Don’t Mind See Falling (2006)

1. Waterfalls.
2. Dominoes.
3. Gas prices.
Makes sense-
Less cents.

Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (248)

Down to the core-

Just cannot take one bite more.



Three Things To Wish At The Wishing Well (2006)

1. Good health.
2. Riches.
3. That there was water in the well.
Dry as can be-
In some parts of the country!

Three Ways To Ease A Child’s Cold Symptoms (2006)

1. Hugs and kisses.
2. Medicine and chicken noodle soup.
3. Television.
Easing the childhood cold-
While watching the latest cartoon unfold!

The Need-To Read (214)

Every once in a while, to think absurd-

After reading something word for word.



Three Steps (2014)

1. Home.
2. Indian Removal Act 1830.
3. Back home.
Te-lah-nay, of Yuchi Tribe
walked back towards home for 5 years-
Following removal during Trail of Tears.


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