Three Places To Be (2014)

1. Dry spot.
2. Warm place.
3. Front row.
To say that it’s so-
Especially at a fashion show.


Three To Represent (2014)

1. Some.
2. Part.
3. All.
A sure win-
For any politician.


Three For Human Waste (2014)

1. Down the drain.
2. Flushed.
3. Running the bus.
In the UK-
First bus to be ran that way.


Three At The Thanksgiving Table (2014)

1.  Turkey.
2. Traditional family dessert.
3. Relatives you don’t like.
A recipe-
For every family.


Three Forever (2014)

1. Talking.

2. Reading.

3. Writing.


And to draw that line-

Whether thick or fine.



Three Never Too Early (2014)

1. Reading.
2. Writing.
3. Yoga.
Going strong-
To carry lifelong.


Three We Remember From The Past (2014)

1. Kid show.
2. Circus.
3. Allowances.
To peek-
And remember .what we looked
forward to each week.


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