Three Animals In The Spotlight (2009)

1. Sheep.

2. Donkeys.

3. Reindeer.
Several animals that we tend to
spotlight and remember.



Three That Grandma Enjoys (2014)


1. Garden.

2. Grandchildren.

3. Card in mail.


Happiness to know-

With a simple mail delivered hello.


Three Past In Transportation (2014)

1. Horse.
2. Horse & buggy.
3. Street car.
Still kicking & alive to see-
In Big Easy.


Three Fleetwood Mac (2014)

1. Dreams.
2. Sara.
3. Hold Me.
Crowds to see-
Don’t Stop and Gypsy.


Three That We Are Always Looking For (2014)

1. Happiness.
2. A good day.
3. Fountain of youth.
To unfold-
To keep from getting old.


Three That Jump (2014)

1. Frogs.
2. Kids with jump ropes.
3. Cows.
And not just over the moon-
But to a six foot fence at high noon.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 861

On Christmas Eve, we’ll play with that cookie dough-

While we makes cookies, for Santa, which will be laid out, in a row.



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