Three To Welcome (2011)

1. New neighbors.
2. New club members.
3. The fall season.
Leaves falling-
Cooler weather non stalling.


Three To Hold It Together (2014)

1. Glue.
2. Paste.
3. Tea time.
A friendship, in tune, a friendship in song-
Held together, 60 years strong.



A Quick Say-In A Rhyming Way # 770

We’re still aiming, at the stars-
With the dreams, of one day going to Mars.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 549

Don’t you know to slow down?

When those slick, wet, streets, are found?


Three That We Look For (2014)

1. Youth.
2. Low gas prices.
3. A brand new recipe.
Now and then-
To try out a new
one, in the kitchen.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 544

Yes, we know-

That even if it is silly, we love that spaghetti, on our taco.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 456

As we seem to know it all-

Let’s name at least three United States Supreme Court Justices, without stall.


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