Three Ways To Turn (2011)

1. With the blinker.
2. With the arm signal.
3. With someone slamming
into the back of you, with much
To do it right-
With no surprises, in sight.


Three To Do The Kid’s Math Homework (2014)

1. Kid.
2. Dad.
3. PhotoMath.
The modern version-
Of getting that math
homework done.


Three Results Of That Verdict (2011)

1. Books.
2. Movies.
3. Celebrity.
Another one-
To be overdone.


Three Who Can Appreciate The Apple (2014)

1. Growers.
2. Teachers.
3. Fruit lovers.
Straight from the apple tree-
Delicious and healthy.


Three At 99 Years Old (2014)

1. Visit.
2. Watch TV.
3. Paint.
Carmen Herrera sold the
first one at 89-
Still at it, with a clear mind.


Three In Full Exercise (2014)

1. Grandparents.
2. Parents.
3. Children.
Healthy, to see-
Not later, but being done early.


Three Ways To Self Help (2008)


1. Watch a talk show.

2. Read someone else’s book.

3. Help yourself.
You basically can accrue-
Whatever it is that you want to do.


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