Three Reasons To Look Up (2014)

1. To see what’s up.
2. Check weather.
3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
In tune-
With the coveted balloon.


Three That We Collect (2014)

1. Stamps.
2. Artwork.
3. The past.
Stuff that causes .sensation-
Used in another generation.


Clear-That Fear (157)

The inner words heard-

Need to be quickly changed for they are absurd.



Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (85)

This is the season-

That we  all are grateful, for a good reason.



Clear-That Fear (156)

Here comes the month of December-

To practice, practice, one must remember.



Irene (2014)

I remember when you set the table-
Looking good, as best as one was able.
I remember you standing in the kitchen preparing the turkey-
It was huge and you made it look as simple as it could be.
I remember you making giblet gravy-
To go with the dressing that was delicious and fluffy.
I remember your complete acceptance, and making 3 generations
feel like they were number one-
Like an angel on earth, to properly get that job done.
I remember the whole house smelling like a favorite bakery-
And decorated by black olives and of course cranberry.
I remember you crying whenever all sat down to eat-
Each and every family member, in their special seat.
I remember you saying that you were crying because of
Thanksgiving past-
For all of the family members, that were gone, and of
the memories that you had amassed.
For you too had the same memories that I am sharing today-
For when the holidays come around, we all remember the
special ones who are in Heaven including you, that have gone away.
It is now my time look back and remember, and create
memories too-
Thank you for sharing a piece of my life, for thinking of you,
always helps me to manage my way through.
One last thing I remember all of those dishes that had to be
washed and put away-
I don’t think that will ever change, on any given Thanksgiving Day.


I remember when you set the table-
Looking good, as best as one was able.


Clear-That Fear (154)

Even during the holidays-

The art to practice changing inner thoughts must get underway.



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