Three Things That I Wish I Hadn’t Seen Or Heard (2006)

1. So much rain on the radar the past two days.

2. A team of speechwriters,writing, “Ask not what

your country can do for you, Ask, what you can do

for your country.”

3. The man with the high heels walking on a board, to create

the sound effects, of foot steps, on the big screen.


Some things. we prefer not. to see-

Even if that is the way, it was created or intended to be.


Three Things That Are On Their Way Out (2006)

1. Handwriting.

2. Longer childhoods.

3. Television show themes.


Got to reach back-

To hum a TV show music track!


Three Places You Will See Pumpkins (2006)

1. On the back of a truck.

2. In the grocery store.

3. In a stroller.


Cute as can be-

Pumpkin costumes on the baby!


Three Who Have Robbed Graves (2006)

1. Dr. Frankenstein.

2. Norman.

3. Modern day funeral directors.


Pray tell-

Those illegal body parts, do sell!


Three Places To Get Your Drugs (2006)

1. On the streets.

2. On the internet.

3. From the pain doctor.


As one makes the round-

Lots of prescriptions can be found.


Three Ways To Ease Overcrowding In Jails In Your State (2006)

1. Only jail the serious offenders.

2. Build more jails.

3. Ship them off to another state.


In California, commiting a crime-

Could mean a visit to Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma, or Indiana, to do your time.


Three Things To Look For In A Political Candidate (2006)

1. Personality.

2. Experience.

3. War chest size.


Having friends, with deep pockets, in high places-

Certainly does help in these political races!


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