Three Early (2014)

1. Birds.
2. Folks who purposely arrive before their scheduled time.
3. Those who forgot to set their clocks back one hour.
This weekend, to fall back-
To keep on schedule, to stay on track.


Three That Are Not Funny (2014)

1. Bad joke.
2. Sad situation.
3. Scary clown.
Supposed to be fun
and entertaining-
Instead end up being
weird, with much fright
to be gaining.



Three Examples Of New Orleans Cuisine (2006)


1. Crawfish Etoufee.

2. Oyster Po-boys.

3. Tacos.


By the truckload-

Feeding construction workers along the road.


Three Things Not To Forget (2014)

1. Important meeting.
2. Addition to grocery list.
3. To vote.
Official Election Day-
About to get underway.


Three That You May Not Recognize (2014)

1. New kid on block.
2. Friend after plastic surgery.
3. Trick or Treaters.
Familiarity with no room-
Thanks to a Halloween costume.


Three Orange (2014)

1. Fruit.
2. Pumpkins.
3. Decorations.
In full sight-
On Halloween night.


Three Pumpkin (2014)

1. Pie.
2. Coffee flavor.
3. Cake.
A thought not to skirt-
Always a brand new
pumpkin taste insert.


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