Three For Kids In Scotland (2014)

1. Running.
2. Playing.
3. Reading.
Not hard-
After they are all issued a
library card.


Three Forever (2014)

1. Talking.

2. Reading.

3. Writing.


And to draw that line-

Whether thick or fine.



Three Never Too Early (2014)

1. Reading.
2. Writing.
3. Yoga.
Going strong-
To carry lifelong.


Three Left Behind (2014)

1. Oil at bottom of Gulf..
2. Pollution after mineral retrieval.
3. Community colleges.
Less donated dole-
To unfold.


Three Famous Grooms (2014)

1. Elvis.
2. George Clooney.
3. Charles Manson.
I do’s to tell-
In the midst, of his jail cell.


Three For Phone Booths (2014)

1. College student cram.
2. Superman dressing room.
3. Actual phone call made.
Now we’ve got-
Free Wi-Fi hot spot.


Three To Appreciate When It Freezes (2014)

1. Scenery.
2. Hot chocolate.
3. Less skeeters.
In this case less-
Appears to be best.


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