Three Places To Read (2014)

1. Home.
2. Plane.
3. Train.
To travel the lane-
To read Girl on the Train.


Three That Grandma Enjoys (2014)


1. Garden.

2. Grandchildren.

3. Card in mail.


Happiness to know-

With a simple mail delivered hello.


Three Past In Transportation (2014)

1. Horse.
2. Horse & buggy.
3. Street car.
Still kicking & alive to see-
In Big Easy.


Three Fleetwood Mac (2014)

1. Dreams.
2. Sara.
3. Hold Me.
Crowds to see-
Don’t Stop and Gypsy.


Three That We Are Always Looking For (2014)

1. Happiness.
2. A good day.
3. Fountain of youth.
To unfold-
To keep from getting old.


Three That Jump (2014)

1. Frogs.
2. Kids with jump ropes.
3. Cows.
And not just over the moon-
But to a six foot fence at high noon.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme # 599

Someone gave me a Christmas book-
And, I’m gonna sit down, and take a look.



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