Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 193 (To Be Used Later)

There was a time when the little girl
would read Mother Goose-
But as of late, of the stories the
little girl had no use.

For she was a tween now and all she
could see-
Is that stories like that would be for
a baby.

The years went by and eventually
the tween became a teen-
And of course, then, Mother Goose
had been years away from the scene.

No time for such nonsense for the
girl had now turned into a lady-
And more important things there
were to be.

And then all of a sudden the lady
become a mother-
A mother who wanted to be like
no other.

There was a time when the little
girl would read Mother Goose-
And with a brand new baby in
her life, for the story, she had
much use.




The Need-To Read # 91


Even though I do not retain everything that I read-

To push onward, I still fulfill the need.




The Need-To Read # 90


I’m always on a quest-

To check out the book list, that leads me to the best.



A Special Say-Regarding The Local Newspaper Today (419)


In the local newspaper, I love to look for-


Interesting stories, where people live
fully, and are never, in the mood, of bore.


Three Books To Read This Month (2014)

1. Drama.
2. Romance.
3. Downright scary.
Horror reading seen-
Just in time for Halloween.



The Need-To Read # 324

Grandma seems to be ahead-
Because she is reading
WikiLeaks, from what has been


Three Read As A Child (2014)

1. Cereal box.
2. Book.
3. FAV comic.
As it were-
Looked for Snuffy Smith,
in newspaper.


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