Three Modern R’s of Schooling (2006)

1. Reading, writing, and arithmetic.

2. Revising, and continually looking at the dress code.

3. Reducing bullying, and its’ aftermath.


The one who is bullied in school-

Nowadays resorts to violence in retaliation,

as a survival tool.


The Need-To Read # 513

That summer read-
Turned  into a
required school need.


Three Left Handed Folks (2011)

1. Albert Einstein.
2. Alexander the Great.
3. President Obama.
The latest one-
That still gets the job done.


Three To Pass (2014)

1. Storefront.
2. Football.
3. Donuts.
A dream-
With added coffee
and cream.


Three Examples Of A Political Endorsement (2006)

1. It is someone else’s opinion.

2. It is someone else’s choice.

3. It may not reflect your opinion or choice.


Do the math, and take note-

On your choice, for whom you want to vote!


Three On The Mind (2014)

1. Work.
2. Weekend.
3. Candy corn.
Plenty to be seen-
Between now and Halloween.


Three Things That Might Look Out Of Place (2006)

1. Uninvited guests at a special dinner.

2. A coat on the summer beach.

3. An Artic seal in North Carolina.


Swam all the way-

From so far away!


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