Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose (Endless PRE-Draft)

There was a man who stood idle-

For he wanted to write a novel, but couldn’t think of a subject, or a title.



Three Ways To Describe One Newspaper (2009)

1. Informative.

2. No black smudge.

3. Glossy.
The San Francisco Chronicle has gone partially
to groundwood grade instead of magazine
grade done-
Delivering photos, graphics, and ads, with
exceptionally vivid reproduction.


Three Places One Might Have To Worry About Getting Stabbed In The Back (2006)

1. In the street.

2. In a parking lot.

3. In the boardroom.


A taste of power-

Can make those perfectly good relationships,

turn sour!


Three Examples Of “Key” Employees (2006)

1. Those who are qualified.

2. Those who have seniority.

3. Those who are in the bosses’ back pocket.


Good ole boys and girls-

Managing to hang on, in the business world!


Three In Sequence (2006)

1. First, it was the spinach.

2. Second, it was the carrot juice.

3. Now, it may be the lettuce.


The healthy art to eat-

May have to take a back seat.


Three That Used To Be (2006)

1. Clothes hung outside to dry.

2. One tv in the home.

3. Larger families.


Some are going retro-

Having families that continue to grow!


Three For Reading (2014)

1. Comedy.
2. Drama.
3. Downright scary.
Reading fare-
That can cause a nightmare.


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