Three Things That Have Come Out Of The Georgia Drought (2007)

1. Water conservation.

2. Water well drilling.

3. Painted lawns.
From brown to lush green-
Appearing lately on the home party scene.


Three Things About Those New Dollar Coins (2007)

1. They are shiny.

2. They portray the U.S. Presidents.

3. Some slipped through at the mint, without the words, In God We Trust.


Slipped through as they say-

Going for 40-60 dollars on E-Bay.


Three Spots For One Voice (2014)

1. Price Is Right.
2. Jeopardy.
3. SNL.
Don Pardo through many generations-
A loved vocal sensation.


Three Talking In The Car (2014)


1. Kids.

2. Parents.

3. The car itself.
Another safety feature and choice-
For the future, complete with voice.



Three Reasons That Schoolchildren Look So Much Better Than They Used To (2007)

1. Genes.

2. Evolution of time.

3. Soft touch and retouch.
A little photo screening is all it took-
In order to get that unmarred look.



Three For Birthdays (2014)

1. Greetings.
2. Presents.
3. Flowers.
Celebrate & make room-
For a year long bloom.



Three Things That Upper Middle Class Housewives Do (2007)

1. Carpool.

2. Play tennis.

3. Indulge in prescription drugs.
To ease the pain-
With that extra uplift to gain.



Three To Decorate City (2014)

1. Tree.
2. Flower.
3. Recycling truck.
Art-covered one-
To get job done.



Three That Humans Do (2014)

1. Crawl.
2. Walk.
3. Fly.
The art of aviation-
Has always been a sensation.




Three Ways To Know That You’re Dissatisfied With Your Cable Service (2007)

1. You frown.

2. You complain.

3. You take a hammer to their office.
The elderly woman could only take so much-
Until she ended up wielding her own special touch.



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