Three Things That Might Cultivate A Friendship (2010)

1. Talks.

2. Greeting cards,

3. Tamiflu.
South Korea sending 10,000 doses up to the
Perhaps with the idea of a new friendship coming


The Short-To Sport (50)

To think about how it used to be-

Throughout society.



Three Smiles (2014)

1. Put on.
2. Necessary.
3. Genuine.
To last for a while-
In grand style.


Three Things Needed For A White House Christmas (2010)

1. 50,000 guests.

2. 28 parties.

3. 200,000 Christmas cards.
And of course, plenty of sweets to eat-
Holidays at the White House are a treat.



Three Numbers Signifying The Number Of Christmas Trees In The White House At One Time (2010)

1. 1-Teddy Roosevelt.

2. 14-Jackie Kennedy.

3. 26-Mamie Eisenhower.
For Mamie there even had to be-
One in the room that handled the laundry.



Three To Anticipate (2014)

1. Cooler weather.
2. Leaves falling.
3. Christmas.
Time passes quickly at best-
With cards to address.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (249)

And so the morning began-

With a bowl of cereal, and a spoon in hand.



Three Ways To See Things (2014)

1. Look ahead.

2. Look behind.

3. Review.


A call-

For a sight overall.



Three Blowing In The Wind (2014)

1. Dust.
2. Leaves.
3. Petcoke.
Another form of waste-
With problems that must be faced.



The Need-To Read (215)

The books were stacked high-

For they were waiting to be read is the reason why.



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