Three For A Dollar (2014)

1. Spend.
2. Give to a wee child.
3. Save it.
Takes more than one or two-
Doesn’t go as far as it used to.



Three Places To Find Coupons (2014)

1. Newspaper.
2. Snail mail.
3. Twitter.
True and tried-
To look for one inside.


Three Searches Online At This Time Of The Year (2014)

1. Bargains.
2. Sales.
3. Recipes.
To look-
Before heading into the kitchen to cook.


Three To Choose (2014)

1. That one.
2. The other one.
3. The obvious one.
No trick-
Easy to pick.


Three That Pets Do (2014)

1. Play.
2. Eat.
3. Get plenty of exercise.
Not hard to miss-
For they do it on a regular basis.


Three In Order (2014)

1. Do well in school.
2. Graduate.
3. Get a job.
Time spent-
Towards the goal, of employment.


Three That Make A Difference At Your Work (2014)

1. Setting.
2. Benefits.
3. Co-workers.
The scheme-
Of a perfect team.


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