Three Steps To Taking A Shower (2014)

1. Water on.
2. Lather up.
3. Listen to phone ring.
Behind shower door-
Call you waited all day for.


Three Stay Out Of The Space Examples (2006)

1. Wet paint.

2. Keep off of the grass.

3. Reserved.


A judge in New Port Richey, Florida, gave one lady a curve-

When kept her stranded all day, after he parked behind her,

since she had parked in spot, titled reserved!


Three Ways To Get Fired (2006)


1. Verbally.

2. By pink slip.

3. Electronically.


Manners appear to lack-

Regarding Radio Shack!


Three That We Cannot Do Without (2014)

1. Money.
2. Air.
3. Coffee.
To ring-
In every morning.


The Short-To Sport (100)

It is always a pleasure to view and see-

An old Bette Davis movie.



The Need-To Read (267)

Some stories were written long ago-

Re-introduced to a new audience,

with more fans to grow.




Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (300)

As it were-

There are times when we don’t give ourselves a chance to experience hunger.



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