Three Fun Things About Halloween (2010)


1. Costumes.

2. Candy.

3. Scary movies.
The kind, where you close your eyes-
When the scary, is in the mode, of
extreme rise.


Three Types Of Farmers (2010)


1. Pig.

2. Goat.

3. Pumpkin.
Now, at their best-
In the department of harvest.


ELISA AND THE SCRATCHING AT THE DOOR (2008) (Back in the day, I did a storytime. This is one of those………..


Elisa heard a scratching at the door-

So she moved in closer, so that she could hear a little more.


(What does scratching sound like?)

(What is a door?)

(Why would Elisa move in closer?)


Elisa knew that she shouldn’t open the door-

Because it was locked and her Mother had gone to the store.


(What is a door?)

(Why would you lock a door?)

(What do you think her Mother was buying at the store?)


Elisa tried to watch tv so that she would no longer hear the sound-

But she kept hearing it, even when she moved around.


(What is a sound?)

(What do you hear with?)

(How do you move around a room?)


Elisa decided to listen to the radio-

But the scratching sound got louder and began to grow.


(What is a radio?)

(What does louder mean?)

(How can something grow?)


Elisa tried to read a book-

To ignore the scratching sound, she didn’t want to look.


(What is a book?)

(What kind of books have you looked at?)

(Why do you think that Elisa didn’t want to look?)


Elisa wished that her Mother would come back soon-

She hadn’t been gone long, but it was almost noon.


(What does soon mean?)

(Why do you think she wished she’d come back soon?)

(What is noon?)


Elisa was getting hungry so she made her a snack-

Hurry back Mother, please hurry back.


(What kind of snack could Elisa have made?)

(Have you ever been hungry?)

(How do you know you’re hungry?)


After eating her snack Elisa went to her room to wait-

It hadn’t really been long, but Elisa felt like it was getting late.


(Where is your room?)

(Do you like to wait?)

(What does late mean?)


Surely Elisa’s Mother was about to come home from the store-

And once again Elisa heard that scratching at the door.


(What could that scratching noise be?)

(Why would something be scratching at the door?)

(Why wouldn’t Elisa open the door to see what was scratching at the door?)


The scratching got louder and louder and Elisa put her hands over each ear-

She wanted to do that until the scratching noise would go away or would clear.


(Can you put your hands over your ears?)

(Does it make it where you cannot hear?)

(Do you want the scratching to go away too?)


Suddenly the door popped opened and Elisa’s Mother came in-

Elisa’s wish had finally happened after hoping over and over again.


“Come see what is at the front door,” Elisa’s Mother said-

Elisa headed over to the door slowly as if her feet were filled with lead.


Why it was the sweetest, prettiest kitten that she had ever seen-

Now wasn’t that wonderful…..and YOU have a Happy Halloween.


Downright Scary (2006)

On Halloween night, the two little boys, were creeping up to the house, on the hill-

It looked so scary, that really and truly, they’d rather have stood still.


The branches on the trees, were hanging low-

They had to push each other, in order to keep on the go.


They got closer and closer, and began to hear strange things-

You know the kind of noises, that fear brings.


And as they approached the porch, their hearts began

to beat fast-

Don’t know how much longer, they could hold on, that they could last.


And as they peeked in the window, they noticed, something immediately, that made them run away-

And to this day, they’re still scared, but of what, they would not say.



To Everyone Out There (2014)

Running a bit short on the postings today….Really and truly running short on time. A few more today and then back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween/and or Fall Festival event….and if you don’t do any of that stuff. Happy Friday.





Three Upcoming (2014)

1. Halloween.
2. Weekend.
3. Fall back.
High power-
Sleeping in an
extra hour.


Three Who Are Awake (2014)

1. Bats.
2. Owls.
3. Overnight workers.
On the scene-
Early for Halloween.


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