Three University’s To Attend In China (2010)

1. Peking University.

2. Beijing Medical University.

3. Hamburger University.
The first one in China concerning-
McDonald’s managers for higher learning.



Three Things To Return (2010)

1. Library books.

2. A rented DVD.

3. A $1200 bust of Colonel Sanders.
Stolen as a prank from a Kentucky
Returned to its owners, as it ought
to be.


Three Types Of Fraud (2010)

1. Bank.

2. Check.

3. Food.
From Sturgeion caviar made
from Mississippi paddlefish
to sheep milk cheese made
from cow milk-
Someone is always try to make
a profit, to the tune of bilk.


Three We Used To Do (2014)

1. Jump rope.
2. Play marbles.
3. Put together models.
Real play power-
For hour upon hour.


Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 569

A road rage time bomb tick-
Does not have its
place, in the midst
of traffic.


The Highlight Of The Day-In My Own Way # 117

In the Soviet Union, back in 1990-
The first McDonalds, came to be.



Three To Do Many Times (2014)

1. Shop .
2. Visit with friend.
3. Conduct.
2500th time, seen-
At Metropolitan Orchestra,
for Conductor James Levine.


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