Three Questions Heard At The Grocery Store (2007)

1. Did you find everything satisfactory?

2. Is there anything else that we can do for you?

3. Paper or plastic?


According to San Francisco, the plastic causes too much strife-

As it eats up fossil fuel, litters streets, and chokes wildlife.



Three Places To Paint (2014)

1. Art studio.
2. Home.
3. On the highway.
In accord-
To highlight that billboard.



Three Preserved (2014)

1. Pears.
2. Pickles.
3. Veggies.
In a Mason jar-
Making its way back,
becoming a modern star.



Three Ways The Post Office Can Soften The Waiting Time (2007)

1. Hire more behind the counter.

2. Entertain the customers during waiting.

3. Take out the clock.


Time does seem to stand still-

When the line ain’t gonna move and watching that clock is in overkill.



Three Ways To Figure Out How Much You Don’t Know (2007)

1. Watch Jeopardy.

2. Talk to someone who knows it all.

3. Try and answer a few questions on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.



To Elementary.



Three To Make You Nervous (2014)

1. Lateness.
2. Test results.
3. Child off to school.
First day-
With happy & sad underway.



Three That Needed A Real Good Washing (2014)

1. The dog.

2. The car.

3. Big Ben.


Many workers on the clock-

All week long, with much

wiping and cleaning, in which

to shine the big tick tock.



Three Pleasant (2014)

1. Weather.
2. Outing.
3. Every morning.
Only thing to say-
It’s up to you to make it that way.



Three Types Of Jewelry (2007)

1. Diamond necklaces.

2. Diamond bracelets.

3. Diamond rings made from the ashes of your loved one.


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend-

And can be worn even after someone’s demise or end.



Three Lunches (2014)

1. Quickly made.
2. Quickly eaten.
3. Long lasting.
Healthy too-
One that will get you through.



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