Three To See Facebook Postings (2014)

1. Pal.
2. Family.
3. Lawyers.
To see-
While being picked for jury duty.


Three To Appreciate (2014)


1. Nature.

2. Grandparents.




Someone noticed me on Facebook.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 260 (Had Her Say)

There was a woman who worked
in a cafe-
She labored and toiled all day.
She wiped tables and took the
customers their food-
She was polite when they were
She was a good worker until
one day-
Her employer looked on Facebook,
and saw what she had to say.
She said ugly things about the
customers who were rude-
And even naming her employer,
she ensued.
There was a woman who used to
work in a cafe-
Until one day she got fired for
having her say.



Three Ways To Get To Know Someone (2011)

1. Invite them for lunch.
2. Read their Facebook postings.
3. Watch them in debate.
In the debate, the other one-
Will get all the detail telling done.


Three For Facebook (2014)

2. Family news.
3. Those pics.
Plenty of room to spare-
In the art, to share.


Three To List On The Resume (2011)

1. Name.

2. Work history.

3. Facebook sign-in name and password.


Most absurd-

To be heard.


Three Dumb Things To Do (2014)

1. Steal.

2. Rob.

3. Sport it for public to see.
A potential Facebook sale-
In full fail.


Three Places To Plant Seeds (2010)

1. In a real garden.

2. In a pot.

3. At Farmville.
72 million Facebook users go
To pretend to farm, to relax,
with a breath of fresh air.

Three For Facebook (2013)

1. Pictures.
2. News.
3. Drop-offs.
In Australia, the message came
in loud and clear-
Not paying attention can lead to
a drop-off on a pier.

Three Reasons That Hunting Is On The Decline (2010)

1. Forests are turning into neighborhoods.

2. Aging hunters are hanging up their guns.

3. The young prefer facebook.
The hunting license is on the decline-
While many find entertainment, of another kind.

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