Three To Look Forward To (2011)

1. Oyster dressing.
2. Fried turkey.
3. Black Friday.
To find-
On many a mind.


Three Ways To Live Long (2011)


1. Eat well.

2. Exercise.

3. Write for a TV show.
Sol Saks, 100, “Bewitched”,
and Madelyn Pugh Davis,
90, “I Love Lucy”, recently
Both wrote for TV shows, that
in television history, will keep
entertaining and last.

Three You Do Not Want To See Get A Pinkslip (2011)

1. Anyone with a present job.
2. Anyone with children.
3. Santa Claus.
Beard and all-
It would be sad, for him to take that fall.


Three Ways To Work That Brain (2014)

1. Math problem.
2. Crossword puzzle.
3. Video game.
To do well-
To expand the brain cell.


Three Ways To Turn (2011)

1. With the blinker.
2. With the arm signal.
3. With someone slamming
into the back of you, with much
To do it right-
With no surprises, in sight.


Three To Do The Kid’s Math Homework (2014)

1. Kid.
2. Dad.
3. PhotoMath.
The modern version-
Of getting that math
homework done.


Three Results Of That Verdict (2011)

1. Books.
2. Movies.
3. Celebrity.
Another one-
To be overdone.


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