The Need-To Read # 374

We all know the look-

That a child bears, when they are read a storybook.


Three That Women Became (2014)

1. Mothers.
2. Cooks.
3. Backbone.
Throughout history-
In this country.


To Change The Word To Clear-That Much Nagging Fear # 335

What is all of that noise?

It’s a lot of shredding, and internet text
deleting, by the big boys.


Clear-That Fear (84)

While practicing in the car-

Travel a bit, at first, you don’t have to go far.



Clear-That Fear (85)

To strive-

To practice and promote a longer and further drive.




Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (49)

To put aside-

Hay for the animals, and of course, to take care of that upcoming hayride.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose [D] (The Forbidden Driveway)

The house was set high on a hill-

It had a windmill, in the yard, that stood still.


No one ever dared go up the driveway-

For there were tales, from back in the day.


Tales that said a witch lived up on the hill-

And she’d get you, if you ever got close to that



So everyone stayed away, and no one there was to

be seen-

Until the new boy in town, decided to go there,

on the recent night of Halloween.


Everyone watched him as he walked up the driveway,

and then he went past-

The windmill, and kept going further, as everyone

was aghast.


He headed closer to the darkened scary front door-

Those watching did not know what next would

be in store.


The door opened and a nice little old lady

filled up the boy’s bag, all the way to the top-

It was about to overflow, and finally she had

to stop.


The boy then came down the driveway without

much harry-

The only problem that he had was the bag was a

bit heavy to carry.


All the other kids, who had been watching were

in awe-

There was no witch, to get them from what they

just saw.


Those tales that they had heard just weren’t true-

They had missed out on much, as they now

headed up the driveway, to get some treats too.


The house was set high on a hill-

It had a windmill, in the yard, that stood still.





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