Three That Make A Difference (2014)

1. Compassion.
2. One vote.
3. Birds.
To fly from tree to tree-
To beautify a community.


Three Thanksgiving Dinners ( 2014)

1. Her family.
2. His family.
3. Work family.
To ask?
Tasty task?


Three Out Of Storage (2014)

1. Coats.
2. That.
3. Musical instruments.
Used back in the day-
Donate, so that another
generation can play.


Three Places That Kids Will Play (2014)

1. Home.
2. School.
3. Anywhere.
From the break of dawn-
No matter what is going on.


Three For The Car (2014)

1. Unlock door.
2. Seatbelt application.
3. Turn ignition.
And in the midst of snow-
Off you go.


Three Steps (2014)

1. Fail.
2. Learn.
3. Ease on down the road.
Still planting that seed-
If at first you don’t succeed.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (80)

And as the rain came down-

Not a single dry piece of ground could be found.




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