Three To Have Twin On Other Side Of World (2014)

1. You.
2. Me.
3. Most of us.
Until we see-
Big change/ plastic surgery.


Three Reasons That The White House Could Use A Footstool Or Two (2006)


1. So that the President can kick up his feet, to relax.

2. So that Barney and Miss Beazley, can relax.

3. So that the President can stand on it, the next time he comes in contact with Bill O’Reilly, so that we can all relax.


A great heightening tool-

The good old fashioned footstool.


Three Not On The Menu (2006)


1. Spinach.

2. Egg salad.

3. Anything else that will make you sick.



Wonder, why I’m not hungry!


Three Things That Are Slow (2014)

1. Gridlock.
2. Turtles.
3. Baseball games.
At an all time high-
Slowly the sport passes by.


Three Sweet Sounds (2006)

1. Birds singing.

2. Children laughing.

3. Your grandson singing in church,

even though he doesn’t know the



Simple and plain-

With so much insight to gain!


Three Expectations (2014)

1. Job.
2. Leisure time.
3. Candy corn.
Would feel awful lean-
Not to have that type
of candy on Halloween.


Three Things One Can Trim (2006)

1. Your budget.

2. Your bushes.

3. Your transplanted eyelashes.


First not long enough-

Then one has to do the maintenance stuff!


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