Three For The Disabled (2014)


1. Plans.

2. Dreams.

3. Access.
All has to be fair-
In the route, to get there.


Three Things We Do Not Like To See (2006)

1. Trash on the road.
2. A person going hungry.
3. A tropical depression out in the Atlantic.
Best empty-
Most would agree.

The Short-To Sport (49)

Patience to strive-

Waiting for Downton Abbey Season 5.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (248)

Down to the core-

Just cannot take one bite more.



Three For Footwear (2014)

1. Boots.

2. Flats.

3. None at all.


Where foot and ground meet-

Time to resort to simply bare feet.



Three Things We Don’t Mind See Falling (2006)

1. Waterfalls.
2. Dominoes.
3. Gas prices.
Makes sense-
Less cents.

Three Things To Wish At The Wishing Well (2006)

1. Good health.
2. Riches.
3. That there was water in the well.
Dry as can be-
In some parts of the country!

The Need-To Read (214)

Every once in a while, to think absurd-

After reading something word for word.



Three Ways To Ease A Child’s Cold Symptoms (2006)

1. Hugs and kisses.
2. Medicine and chicken noodle soup.
3. Television.
Easing the childhood cold-
While watching the latest cartoon unfold!

Three Steps (2014)

1. Home.
2. Indian Removal Act 1830.
3. Back home.
Te-lah-nay, of Yuchi Tribe
walked back towards home for 5 years-
Following removal during Trail of Tears.


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