The Short-To Sport (87)

To appreciate talent-

And not worry about how their free time is spent.



Three To Appreciate (2014)


1. Nature.

2. Grandparents.




Someone noticed me on Facebook.


Three Hand Me Downs (2014)


1. Jewelry.

2. Clothes.

3. Freedom.


Handed down, with no debate-

To take care, and appreciate.


Three That Grandma Would Appreciate (2014)

1. Flowers in bloom.
2. Phone call.
3. Handwritten note enclosed in a card.


Three That One Can Appreciate (2014)

1. Fine wine.
2. Good health.
3. Sunny weather.
Sunshine to gain-
Another day without rain.



Three To Appreciate (2014)

1. Sunshine.

2. Laughter.

3. Encouraging words.


Best way-



Older People (2001)

I’ve always been amazed by older people and I guess that the word older has taken on a different meaning now that I’m well into my forties. It used to be that folks in their thirties were old. Obviously I got over that thought rather quickly. As a matter of fact the age of thirty is beginning to look younger and younger as the years go by.

I’ve always also been interested in British history and was delighted to read that the Queen Mother Elizabeth just turned one hundred and one. Apparently she was born in 1900 and as of this moment she still performs a few of her royal duties. Up until her 90’s she kept a full busy schedule. Not only is she a walking history book, she is a part of history. Make no mistake Londoners lined up to wish her a happy birthday.

I personally know a lady that is 95 years old. She doesn’t have royal blood, but none the less she is filled with stories from the past. The other day she was recollecting about a couple of neighborhood friends that she used to know. She described them riding in a horse and buggy.

Being from New Orleans I’ve seen the horses and buggies in the French Quarter, that people ride as a tourist attraction, but I came way after the time when it was a major type of transportation.

The way that my friend talks I can see her running around Oklahoma in pigtails at a completely different time in history.

We should all pay attention to the “older” folks, they can certainly enlighten our lives. I find myself telling the younger folks a few stories here and there of how it used to be. Of course I learned a lot from the older folks, but then again, I’ve lived enough years now to accumilate my own!
“The elderly ones tell what went on-
Of another century’s dawn!”


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