Let Me-Be The True Bully # 1

Let me pick on someone-
As my life is so empty, and
I must have some fun.

Let Me-Be The True Bully # 2

As long as I can get by-
I’ll continue to give my bully
tactics, another try.

A Texas Hurricane-In The Fast Lane # 14

Three things about Hurricane Anita:

1. Date: September 2, 1977.

2. Landfall: Tamaulipas, Mexico.

3. Category: Five.
Evacuation notices, Texas did find-
Although eventually higher tides were
the worst found on the coastline.

Let Me-Be The True Bully # 3


You can’t do anything to me-
As long as I harass you to the point that no one can see.

Three Gone Forever (2011)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:

1. Letters written by Helen Keller.

2. Negatives of John F. Kennedy.

3. A 1921 agreement that created the
agency that built the World Trade Center.
Along with other destruction done-
On September 11, 2001.

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Three Things Under (2010)

1. Australia.
2. That drying cement at the  site of the oil spill.
3. A long sealed tunnel under the ruins of Teotihuacan.


And chambers that appear to branch-

A possible ancient city early ruler enhance.

Let Me-Be The True Bully # 5


Let me see-
What kind of menace, that I can be,
to those that I pick, in this society.

Let Me-Be The True Bully # 6


For the beginning, of the school year, I am all set-
To pick out, whichever victim, that I can get.

Let Me-Be The True Bully # 7


I don’t care what I have to say-
As long as I make myself feel better, and also happen to get my way.

Three Ways To Enjoy Television Shows (2008)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:

1. With the family.

2. By yourself.

3. With the thought that it is secure enough not to fall on any children.
Even with the word, no, the little ones will explore-
A fact that all adults cannot ignore.

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