Three Ways To Gamble (2014)

1. Lottery.

2. Horse races.

3. Sports.
In accord-
To gamble, only what
you can afford.


Three To Dry Out (2014)

1. The land.
2. Prunes.
3. Your hair.
To become a no-fail-
Horses tail.


Three Easy To Make (2014)

1. Mud pie.
2. Dinner reservation.
3. Simple coffee table.
To detect-
A weekend DIY project.


Three Favorites (2014)

1. Cape Fear. (1962)
2. The Caretakers. (1963)
3. Kisses for My President. (1964)
Polly Bergen-
Movies, to watch over and over again.


Three Places To Be Expressive (2014)

1. License plate.
2. Twitter.
3. Mailbox.
A no-fail-
Decorated box, waiting on
the snail mail.


Three Spots To FInd Scary (2014)

1. Haunted house.
2. Dark bat cave.
3. In the deep blue sea.
For sure-
One more creepy
discovered underwater creature.


Three Ways To Know You Made It Through The Week (2014)

1. All chores done.

2. All problems solved.

3. You are still standing up.


Wouldn’t want to peek-

At how it might be next week.



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