Three Things You Just Have To Do (2014) ***I’ll Be Back On August 12th***

1. Eat.

2. Drink.

3. Be merry.


And go on vacation-

Be back on August 12th….hope to

have a lot of fun.


Three On TV (2014)

1. Comedy.

2. Drama.

3. Reality.


On screen, and off too-

Daily, through and through.



Three Things That Can Really Bother You (2014)

1. Politics.

2. That issue.

3. Anything that you desire.


Now and then-

It’s up to you to decide whether or

not you want to let the stress in.


Three Summer Breaks (2014)

1. Vacation.

2. Ice cream stop.

3. 30-inch century old pipe.


Eight million gallons of water near

Sunset Boulevard-

Hit UCLA hard.


Three Places (2014)

1. The ones where you want to go.

2. The ones where you’ve been.

3. The one where you are now.


To roam-

To return to home sweet home.



Three Happy Things (2014)

1. Sunshine.

2. Laughter.

3. Your favorite things.


Whatever they may be-

That makes each and everyone

of us happy.


Three Reason To Wear A Costume (2014)

1. Mardi Gras ball.

2. Halloween.

3. To work in Times Square.


You know-

Spiderman and that much wanted tourist photo.


Three Ways Not To Hear Something (2014)

1. Be far away.

2. Close your mind.

3. Keep talking.


Not a single word-



Three Waves (2014)


1. Hello/Goodbye.

2. Heat.

3. Tropical.
Wishing to steer clear-
At this EXPECTED time of the year.



Three Dreams (2014)


1. Unicorns.

2. Wishes.

3. Fairy tales.


To swirl-

In the political world.



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