Three For The Holidays (2014)

1. Layaway.
2. Gift wrap.
3. Laid off.
Most don’t wear the badge-
Of volunteering with a pretty package.


Three Early (2014)

1. Birds.
2. Folks who purposely arrive before their scheduled time.
3. Those who forgot to set their clocks back one hour.
This weekend, to fall back-
To keep on schedule, to stay on track.


Three That Are Not Funny (2014)

1. Bad joke.
2. Sad situation.
3. Scary clown.
Supposed to be fun
and entertaining-
Instead end up being
weird, with much fright
to be gaining.



Three Things Not To Forget (2014)

1. Important meeting.
2. Addition to grocery list.
3. To vote.
Official Election Day-
About to get underway.


Three That You May Not Recognize (2014)

1. New kid on block.
2. Friend after plastic surgery.
3. Trick or Treaters.
Familiarity with no room-
Thanks to a Halloween costume.


Three Orange (2014)

1. Fruit.
2. Pumpkins.
3. Decorations.
In full sight-
On Halloween night.


Three Pumpkin (2014)

1. Pie.
2. Coffee flavor.
3. Cake.
A thought not to skirt-
Always a brand new
pumpkin taste insert.


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