Three Ways To Get Ahead (2014)

1. Work hard.
2. Rest easy.
3. Volunteer.
Reward to see-
In helping out your community.


Three That Can Make You Smile (2014)

1. A cute saying.
2. A special moment.
3. That pic drawn by your child.
A smile to occur-
That leads to another piece of
artwork being posted on the


Three For Pumpkins (2014)

1. Pie.
2. Cookies.
3. Decorations.
To be found-
All over town.


Three Places To Listen To Music (2014)

1. Office.
2. Car.
3. In your condo or hotel room.
Built on top of a former recording studio, on

Nashville’s Music Row-

With more demolitions, in the wind, to blow.


Three Changes In History (2014)

1. Lifestyle.
2. Dress.
3. Facts.
True details to be amassed-
Thanks to much digging, into the past.


Three That Can Make You Happy (2014)

1. Parents.
2. Spouse.
3. Yourself.
Yes! Knowledge to accrue-
The correct answer is ONLY you.


Three Mints (2014)

1. Condition.
2. After dinner.
3. Moneymakers.
Top grade-
Where the bills and coins
are made.


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