Three Stuck (2014)

1. Gum under seat.
2. Driving in gridlock.
3. No raise in 10 years.
Time spent-
Questioning one’s employment.


Three Some Still Desire (2014)

1. Music from their teens.
2. A walk in the park.
3. Flip phones.
The will-
To desire only the practical.


Three Adults Do (2014)

1. Work.
2. Relax.
3. Relive their childhoods.
In many a fun way-
Especially on Turkey Day.


Three To Fear (2014)

1. Snakes.
2. Spiders.
3. Seals.
We each have
our own-
That is homegrown.


Three Spots Turkey Eaten (2014)

1. Mama’s.
2. Eatery.
3. Space Station.
Took seat-
Caught piece of floating turkey meat.


Three Reasons To Look Up (2014)

1. To see what’s up.
2. Check weather.
3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
In tune-
With the coveted balloon.


Three That We Collect (2014)

1. Stamps.
2. Artwork.
3. The past.
Stuff that causes .sensation-
Used in another generation.


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