Three Former Presidential Items (2012)

1. Cherry trees.

2. Jelly beans.

3. Purple socks.


Memories, to sport-

With some, left to sort.


Three That Need To Be Sturdy (2012)

1. Shipping boxes.

2. Children’s toys.

3. Suitcases.


Less damage found-

When they are thrown around.


Three To Share With Your Co-workers (2012)

1. Donuts.
2. Lunch.
3. Lottery winnings.
In a New Jersey court, the co-worker took the heat-

For rewarding himself with a pool ticket, that he had made a personal treat.


Three Places To Eat Lunch (2012)

1. At the park.
2. At your favorite eatery.
3. At your desk.
It’s becoming a trend-
The lunch bag, with more work, in which, to attend.


Three Things That We All Love (2011)

1. Good weather.

2. Thin traffic.

3. Breakfast cereal.


To find-

Your favorite kind.


Three Reasons To Watch Less TV (2012)

1. Other things to do.

2. Nothing good on.

3. You have your cell.


Never have to sit in one place-

To watch the game, the soap, or the race.



Three To Get More Expensive (2012)

1. Housing.

2. Food.

3. Used cars.


Less, on the market, to spare-

With prices, at a higher fare.


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