Three Things About The Drought (2011)

1. It shrinks the water in the lake.

2. It cracks the earth.

3. It brings long gone treasures to light.


Stuff that used to be underwater-

Being spotted as the drought continues to occur.


Three Reasons That Some Do Not Get Off Thanksgiving Day (2011)

1. They have vital jobs.
2. They do not have anyone to replace them.
3. Black Friday starts early.
As soon as that eaten on turkey is put away-
Shoppers prepare for their all night play.


Three You Wouldn’t Expect To Go Down (2011)

1. Food prices.
2. Clothing prices.
3. Wall Street bonuses.
It’s a funny thing-
For them to tighten their purse string.


Three Types Of Sports Bowls (2011)

1. Orange Bowl.

2. Sugar Bowl.

3. Turkey Bowl.
Three strikes has always been a turkey-
Now it looks like they are playing it literally.


Three Supers (2011)

1. Super size.
2. Superman.
3. Super wheat.
A must-
To resist fungus.


Three To Pay A Lot For (2011)

1. Gas.

2. Food.

3. Toilets.


Far from the outhouse-

An over $6000, toilet in the regular house.


Three Things To Know (2011)

1. Where?
2. Why?
3. Who?
Who did it?
With no answer, we’ll have to sit.




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