Three To Raise A Child (2011)

1. Mom and Dad.
2. Mom or Dad.
3. Grandparents.
Creating a sensation.


Three Twists (2011)

1. The Twist.
2. Let’s Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer.
3. Operation Twist.

Now and then-
We go back to way back when.


Three To Fight Over (2011)

1. That last piece of cake.
2. Bathroom time.
3. An armrest on the flight.
Flights full at best-
With much yearning for the armrest.


Three Places To Meet (2011)

1. Coffee shop.
2. Mall.
3. Wall Street.
To pass by-
To occupy.


Three To See On Video (2011)

1. Children being funny.
2. Animals being silly.
3. Farmers being serious.
Farmers in full play-
Showing off their growing skills today.


Three To Show (2011)

1. A driver’s license.
2. A birth certificate.
3. Your complete tax return.
Without fail-
Every single detail.


Three Reasons To Be Late (2011)

1. You forgot about your appointment.
2. You ran out of gas.
3. The bridge was out.
Under construction-
And, you knew since day one.


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