Three Ways To Turn (2011)

1. With the blinker.
2. With the arm signal.
3. With someone slamming
into the back of you, with much
To do it right-
With no surprises, in sight.


Three Results Of That Verdict (2011)

1. Books.
2. Movies.
3. Celebrity.
Another one-
To be overdone.


Three Positions In A Film To Hold (2011)

1. Lead trumpeter.
2. Townsman.
3. Soldier.
Karl Slover, who has passed away
at age 93-
The Wizard of Oz munchin, who
was just as sweet as he could be.


Three Things To Share During The WInter Season (2011)

1. Good cheer.
2. A pleasant smile.
3. Blankets.
To share, to warm-
To keep others from chilled


Three Uses For Rudolph’s Nose (2011)


1. To make children laugh.
2. To guide Santa.
3. To encourage you to use the Bing search engine.
The will-
To follow a Microsoft commercial.


Three For The Oil Boom (2011)

1. Jobs.
2. More oil.
3. Higher rents.
For the North Dakota elderly, to see.


Three Places To Hear That Gobble Gobble Sound (2011)

1. From a turkey.
2. From the folks eating at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
3. From inside your wallet.
We’ll spend 13 percent more-
Preparing the dinner, buying at the grocery store.


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