Three To Visit This Week (2011)

1. Family.
2. Friends.
3. The chill.
Today, a bit warm in Texas-
But, later in the week, more
chill, to amass.

Three Things To Survive (2011)

1. Depression.
2. Tornado.
3. 110-ten foot fall.
A Higher Power-
Must have been looking
out for that painter, in
East Texas, working on
that water tower.


Three Things That Have To Be Done (2011)

1. Leaves raked.
2. Snow plowed.
3. Inbox cleaned out.
We often forget-
While cruising the internet.


Three Winter Traits (2011)

1. Blizzard.
2. Snowstorms.
3. Delays.
Where people work and play-
To expect that delay, on a
snowy day.


Three Long Ways (2011)

1. Cross country.
2. Around the world.
3. Way around Africa.
Without the Suez Canal, a lot
of our oil today-
Would have to travel 6000 more
miles, to head this way.


Three To See More Of (2011)

1. Drought.

2. Fires.

3. Ads online.


Future TV online-

With more commercials, to find.


Three To Look Forward To (2011)

1. Oyster dressing.
2. Fried turkey.
3. Black Friday.
To find-
On many a mind.


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