Three To Tax (2011)


1. Beef.
2. Chicken.
3. Production of Christmas trees.
To produce-
Another tax on the loose.


Three To Miss (2011)

1. An appointment.
2. A social gathering.
3. Your free full complimentary breakfast.
The New York man filed a lawsuit-
When his promised health club breakfast was discontinued,
and put into dispute.


Three Reasons To Sit Up Straight (2011)

1. Mama said so.
2. It is good for your posture.
3. That program on your computer is
prompting you to do so.
Modern fare-
Taking note, of how you sit in the work chair.


Three Places To Find Trash (2011)

1. Along the roadside.
2. Waiting to be picked up in the front yard.
3. On the moon.
Alongside the moon buggy tracks-
Are the thrown out astronaut backpacks.


Three To Return (2011)

1. Calmer winds.
2. Jobs.
3. America’s Most Wanted.
John Walsh, back in full force-
This time traveling the TV station Lifetime


Three Ways To Get Rid Of Those Pesty Immigrant Workers Waiting On The Corner (2011)

1. Shoooo them away.
2. Complain.
3. Quit driving your fancy car or truck up to them for services.
After the job discount-
The complaints, continue to mount.


Three Reasons That Pets Can Be Sad (2011)

1. It’s not dinnertime yet.
2. They lost one of their toys.
3. The children are now back in school.
A longer day-
With less play.


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