Three Reasons That We Eat When We’re Not Hungry (2010)

1. To fight boredom.
2. To keep the hunger away.
3. Because we can.
Not to be rude-
But our entire social lives are centered around food.


Three To Insure (2011)

1. Diamonds.
2. The car.
3. Your hands.
Often done-
By the surgeon.


Three That Enjoy The Holidays (2010)

1. People.

2. Cats.

3. Dogs.
One can see in their dress-
That any holiday can become the best.


Three Ones (2010)

1. One hit wonder.
2. One day at a time.
3. One dish dinner.
For those who don’t like to cook, that one dish dinner-

Is the best thing ever, a downright winner.


Three Uses For Canola Oil Over Time (2010)

1. To keep lamps burning.

2. To add to food.

3. To clean oil covered birds.
First a canola oil rinse-
The lighter oil breaking up the
crude blackening, that can be
quite immense.


Three Traditional Fixtures In The School Houses All Over America (2010)

1. The principal.
2. The teachers.
3. The bully.
To take a stance-
For zero tolerance.


Three Ways To Be Happy At Work (2010)

1. Smile.
2. Work hard.
3. Be happy away from work.
Being happy away from the regular hours of nine to five-

Tends to make ones’ overall life, vibrant and feel more alive.


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