Three Things That Take A While (2010)

1. Baking a cake.
2. Waiting for the clothes to dry.
3. Reading the condolence letters
written after the JFK assassination.
“Letters to Jackie: Condolences From A
Grieving Nation”-
Letters to read that were written from the
heart, after this sad event was done.


Three Things To Monitor (2010)

1. The temperature.

2. How much you weigh.

3. The amount of garbage that you throw away

. ======================

In London, the residents are being given a usage tip-

By having their garbage cans installed with a microchip.


Three To Be True To (2010)

1. Yourself.

2. Your school.

3. To Toyota.


Despite the recall-

For many, the loyalty does not stall.


Three Ways To Gauge The Holidays (2010)

1. Red and green.

2. Wrappings.

3. Retail.
The sale-
Will tell the tale.


Three Things That We Gained In October (2010)

1. Much candy.

2. A pumpkin or two.

3. 150,000 private sector jobs.
Slight to unfold-
In the direction, of climbing out of that


Three Fights (2010)

1. Boxing one on one.

2. Democrats and Republicans.

3. Broadcasters and cable systems.


More blackouts on the loom-

As the fight for fees resume.



Three Things To Study (2010)

1. Math.

2. Literature.

3. Old people.


Baylor University to study-

Aging programs in psychology, biochemistry, neuroscience, social work, and chemistry.


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