Three Things That Long Hair Can Lead To (2010)

1. Much brushing.

2. Knots.

3. Discipline at school.
And so, recently passed away, Teacher
Leonard Skinner did
just exactly that, back in the day-
Leading those, who were disciplined, to
form Lynyrd Skynrd, in a rebellious way.



Three Ways To Do It (2010)

1. Fall.

2. Hard to get up.

3. Go back to what made you fall.
Back when-
Over again.



Three Things That Might Cultivate A Friendship (2010)

1. Talks.

2. Greeting cards,

3. Tamiflu.
South Korea sending 10,000 doses up to the
Perhaps with the idea of a new friendship coming


Three Things Needed For A White House Christmas (2010)

1. 50,000 guests.

2. 28 parties.

3. 200,000 Christmas cards.
And of course, plenty of sweets to eat-
Holidays at the White House are a treat.



Three Numbers Signifying The Number Of Christmas Trees In The White House At One Time (2010)

1. 1-Teddy Roosevelt.

2. 14-Jackie Kennedy.

3. 26-Mamie Eisenhower.
For Mamie there even had to be-
One in the room that handled the laundry.



Three Things To Sue Over (2010)

1. Bad meds.

2. A slip here or there.

3. The non protection of the Sage Grouse.
There seems to lack-
Much movement under the
Endangered Species Act.



Three Things That Men Do Not Fear (2010)

1. Spiders.

2. Mice.

3. Face and body creams.
For in the end-
We all like to take care of our
skin, over and over again.



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