Three Things To Be (2010)

1. Happy.

2. Jolly.

3. Merry.
The three moods
for December.


Three Types Of Hire (2010)


1. Construction.

2. Office.

3. Holiday.
Looking good this year
for a reason-
As things are looking up,
in the hiring department,
for the holiday season.


Three Things That Feel Really Good (2010)

1. A soft pillow.

2. The day off.

3. Touching ground.
The passengers of the cruise ship Splendor-
Know exactly what I mean, when
the disembarking, did occur.


Three Amounts (2010)

1. 700 billion.
2. 18 billion.
3. None.
The first for the rich
to be possibly done-
The second, extended
unemployment, may
equal to none.


Three Lucky Turkeys (2010)


1. Tom.

2. The one that doesn’t make
it to the table.

3. The one cooked by Martha Stewart.
For before the very end-
It is filled with alcohol, with much
good feeling time, to spend.


Three Really Big Important Issues (2010)

1. The war.
2. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
3. Hollywood hype.
A sure win-
Now that Sandra Bullock and
Jesse James are on speaking
terms once again.


Three Things About That New York Snow Gridlock (2010)

1. It’s messy.
2. It’s irritating.
3. It will melt.
When lots of snow, does come around-
Eventually, a meltdown, will be found.


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