Three Who Suffer From Mental Illness (2010)

1. Men.

2. Women.

3. Children.
Time spent-
Figuring out the best treatment.



Three Types Of Heroes (2010)

1. Strong.
2. Extraordinary.
3. Everyday.


The little daily things-

Is where the everyday hero bell rings.



Three Things That Make Children Happy (2010)

1. Toys.

2. Candy.

3. Daddy being the first, miner, to come
to the surface.
The joy, of the son, we saw-
As the world watched, in much awe.


Three Tremendous Feats (2010)


1. Teachers teaching children.

2. Firemen and Policemen saving lives.

3. Actresses giving birth.
A star gaze-
That always seem to amaze.


A Quick Say-In A Rhyming Way # 789


Rain, rain, don’t stay away-

Come back for a while, to make our rivers once again okay.



Three To Raise (2010)

1. Funds.

2. Barns.

3. Ceilings.
Raised to set-
To offset debt.


Three To Convert Into Schools (2010)

1. Warehouses.

2. Churches.

3. Medical buildings.


In all of these cases-

Good use of empty spaces.


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