Three Tears (2010)

1. A hurt child.

2. A sad person.

3. A career politician.
I will make sure that Washington
will listen to you-
As I have all these years, I promise
that this time, I will follow through.


Three Dolls For The Holiday (2010)

1. Regular baby.

2. Barbie.

3. Justin Bieber.
Orders tall-
For big girls and small.


Three From Happy Days (2010)

1. Richie.
2. The Fonz.
3. Dad.
Tom Bosley, who recently passed away, was everyone’s favorite Dad, and so much more-
Entertaining us, from 1974 to 1984.


Three To Keep Happy During The Holidays (2010)

1. Children.
2. Pets.
3. Poinsettias.
Part of the watering scene-
In both, red and green.


Three Things To Buy This Week (2010)

1. Eggs.
2. Milk.
3. 3-D TV.
A deep see-
For viewers of the modern home TV..


Three Things About Those Vuvuzelas (2010)

1. They can damage your eardrums
over time.
2. More will be seen and heard.
3. They are coming to America.
On their way-
To the USA.


Three Things About Those Parks (2010)

1. They are fun to play in.
2. One can get plenty of exercise in one.
3. Only 1 in 5 have access to them.
But then again it may not be too hard-
To figure out some way to play and exercise
in the backyard.


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