Three Tremendous Feelings (2009)

1. The birth of a baby.
2. A raise at work.
3. Some drunk pulling out of a bar as you are passing by.
Driving down the road-
Can carry quite a heavy load.


Three Things To Worry About Today (2009)

1. What someone else is doing.

2. What we think someone else should be doing.

3. The Swine Flu.
Can’t be missed-
We’re all in this together and it is on the top of the list.


Three Ways To Feel The Effects (2009)

1. It happens across the world.
2. It happens to your neighbor.
3. It happens to you or a loved one.
A direct hit-
Tends to rein the feelings in a bit.


Three We Learned Back In The Old Days (2009)

1. We stepped down when there was a conflict of interest.

2. We learned that truth was always best.

3. We knew we would pay a penalty if we did wrong.
We may have been taught the top three-
But through the corruption it is hard to see.


Three Wall Street Moments (2009)

1. Up.

2. Down.

3. All around.
A poster-
For a real live roller coaster.


Three Weather Moments (2009)

1. Windy.

2. Still.

3. Whatever happens to occur today.
The Texas weather sway-
Never know how it will feel the next day.


Three Examples Of Extended Vacations (2009)


1. Another week being added.

2. One was snowed in.

3. A nice word for being unemployed.
We like to smooth the word-
So that when said, it is “nicely” heard.


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