Three Things That We Used To Do About This Time Of The Year (2009)

1. Swim in the lake.

2. Look for snakes.

3. See the cicadas.
As their skeletons on the tree would hang-
We’d spot them in the trees with wings as they sang.


Three Ways That Babies Arrive At The Hospital (2009)

1. They are born there.

2. They come by ambulance.

3. They are dropped off by a parent who cannot care
for them.
As it should be-
Dropped off at a place where there is care and safety.



Three Reasons That My Great Great Aunt Loved Cloudy Days (2009)

1. It felt a little cooler.

2. She liked the backdrop.

3. She could ignore the dust on the furniture easier.
Obviously dusting was not her favorite thing-
So cloudy days for her, a little temporary relief
they would bring.


Three Things To Do If A Utility Pole Lands On Your Car (2009)

1. Catch your breath.

2. Call for help.

3. Do not get out.
Deadly electricity all over the place-
Is what one will face.


Three Things That Will Rise In Texas During The Fourth Of July (2009)

1. Fireworks in the sky.

2. Barbecue smoke.

3. Gas prices.
Thank goodness not as high as last year-
But higher nonetheless as we celebrate our
country in much cheer.


Three That Some Can Do Without (2009)

1. Boils.

2. Bad weather.

3. Cell phones.
There is still a percentage of folks who do not
The twenty four hour carrying of a cell phone.


Three Things To Catch Up With On The Weekend (2009)

1. Clothes washing.

2. Dusting.

3. Spending time with that pet.
Many pets look forward to the weekend-
So that with their owners they have that
extra time in which to spend.


Three Things About That Saturday Shopping (2009)

1. It’s hot.

2. There are many bargains.

3. Everybody and your Mama are out doing it.
A Saturday pack-
Filling up a shopping sack.


Three Things About The Summer Heat (2009)

1. It’s unbearable.

2. It’s uncomfortable.

3. The snakes love it.
For goodness sakes-
This summer we’ve seen plenty of snakes.


Three Things That Sound Like Music To Your Ears (2009)

1. That song on the radio.

2. The grandchildren playing.

3. That crackling and thunder in the sky.
And so the skies raised cain-
And delivered that little bit of rain.


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