Three Reasons That We Think Those Groceries Are So Low (2009)

1. The prices fell 5 percent during the last 12 months.

2. It is the second largest annual decline since 1953.

3. The prices have dropped steady and gradual since February.
Last year’s prices were jacked up 9 percent high-
So with a little drop we think that we may slide by.


Three To Visit Houston (2009)

1. Politicians.

2. Tourists.

3. The Monarch Butterfly.
With much need-
For Milkweed.


Three Places To Find Garbage (2009)

1. In the kitchen.

2. In the landfill.

3. In space.
Space crash debris-
Revolving around the world probably for eternity.


Three Reasons That Pasta Is On The Rise (2009)

1. It’s good.

2. It comes in many forms.

3. It’s a great way to cut down on the grocery bill.
More macaroni and cheese-
With an old fashioned please.


Three Ways To Publish A Book (2009)

1. Write a very interesting story.

2. Be a celebrity.

3. Have 8 babies.
And your words-
Will swirl all over the world.


Three Things Necessary For the Cold Weather (2009)

1. Coats/sweaters.

2. Mittens.

3. Smoke detectors.
To be safe and warm-
Kept away from harm.


Three Things About Today (2009)

1. We knew this day was coming.

2. It came.

3. They came.
What a crowd-
Unspoken words said out loud.


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