Three Frozen Items And Their Storage Lives (2009)

1. Cakes. (6 months.)

2. Ground beef. (4 months.)

3. 90,000 dollars cash. (13 years.)
Wrapped in aluminum foil-
Now the Ex-Lousiana Congressman must
labor and toil.



Three Recipe Directions (2009)

1. Add a pinch of this.

2. Add a bit of that.

3. Kick up a bit of water.
From an analysis of data from a
spacecraft intentionally crashed
to the tune-
Of NASA kicking up 25 gallons of
water on the moon.



Three That Can No Longer Be Enjoyed (2009)

1. $9.9 million apartment on East 64th Street in Manhattan.

2. $7.9 million home in Florida.

3. $9.41 million Hamptons house.
Quite an exchange-
For a Madoff residential re-arrange.


Three Things That We Ask People (2009)

1. What time is it?

2. Do you have change?

3. How are you?
And to ask the third-
You must be serious, because with some
folks, a long tale may follow and be



Three Things That We Used To Do About This Time Of The Year (2009)

1. Swim in the lake.

2. Look for snakes.

3. See the cicadas.
As their skeletons on the tree would hang-
We’d spot them in the trees with wings as they sang.


Three Ways That Babies Arrive At The Hospital (2009)

1. They are born there.

2. They come by ambulance.

3. They are dropped off by a parent who cannot care
for them.
As it should be-
Dropped off at a place where there is care and safety.



Three Reasons That My Great Great Aunt Loved Cloudy Days (2009)

1. It felt a little cooler.

2. She liked the backdrop.

3. She could ignore the dust on the furniture easier.
Obviously dusting was not her favorite thing-
So cloudy days for her, a little temporary relief
they would bring.


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