Three Places Not To Stop On The Road (2008)


1. In the middle of the freeway.

2. During a green light.

3. When entering a main road, from a side road.
See it done on a daily basis-
Cars just driving straight out, barely
accident amiss.


Three To Worry About As To What You Put On Your Hamburger (2008)


1. Lettuce.

2. Tomatoes.

3. The meat itself.
Can’t we all agree?
That the thought of all of this
makes one anything. but hungry?


Three Reasons That We Can Sleep Good Tonight (2008)


1. The A/C is blowing strong.

2. All the worries have been put off til tommorrow.

3. Sam Houston’s canopy bed was in storage during the Texas Governor’s Mansion tragic fire.
Although history can always be retraced-
There are just some things, from the past, that cannot be replaced.


Three Places To Weigh (2008)


1. On the home scale.

2. On a quarter scale at the grocery store.

3. At the airport.
Flight by the pound-
Will sooner or later
come around.


Three Names Of Dinosaurs And What They Survived On (2008)


1. Stegosaurus-plants.

2. Tyrannosaurus Rex-meat.

3. Hummers-Gasoline.
Well nourished while they were around-
But unfortunately they lost their ground.


Three Ways To Know That You Are Having A Good Day (2008)


1. You slept well.

2. Breakfast was great.

3. The plumbing is in gear.
Now that the space station toliet is finally on the mend-
It will free up thoughts, for the other things, in which the station must attend.


Three Ways To Get Honked At (2008)

1. Cut in front of someone.

2. Drive too slow.

3. Slow down, with blinker on,
in order to turn.
How dare one slow down someone driving
via behind-
Getting them off schedule, and putting
them in a bind.


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