Three Ways To Figure That Someone Is On Their Last Nerve (2008)

1. There are no more fingernails to chew.
2. There is a hole in the roof.
3. The bus driver pulls a knife because a student dropped some crumbs.


It probably wasn’t the crumb-

But the last of something else that is dumb.


Three To Do When Gas Prices Are Low (2008)

1. Go on a vacation.

2. Buy a bigger truck.

3. Wonder how long these lower prices will stay.
Up high for many a day, and now lower for a while-
A time to celebrate in grand old style.


Three Places One Might End Up While In The Emergency Room (2008)

1. In the waiting room.

2. In a hallway.

3. In a linen closet.
Case by case-
Making space.


Three In The Future That Could Drive You To Work (2008)

1. Your neighbor.

2. Your co-worker.

3. Your car.
Customed to drive itself and leave you hands free-
Automatic drive all down the freeway,
and throughout the city.


Three Ways To Know That You Haven’t Kept Up With The Times (2008)

1. You don’t sport the latest hairdo.

2. Your closet contents haven’t changed in years.

3. As Spiderman divorces, you didn’t even know that he
was married.
Twenty years of marriage with Mary Jane-
Sadly, heading down the divorce lane.


Three With The School System That Should Have Background Checks (2008)

1. Janitors.

2. Teachers.

3. Board members.
There’s no excuse for anyone being left out-
As we want to clear the air, and leave no doubt.


Three Ways To Save Energy (2008)

1. Keep the lights off that you are not using.

2. Up that temp on the A/C.

3. Stop by the library.
A book used over and over again-
Will save a tree now and then.


Three To Like (2008)

1. Some.

2. Most.

3. Practically everyone.
But there is always that one-
Who tends to spoil the fun.


Three Things Required Today In Collecting Census Records (2008)

1. Legwork.

2. Hand held computers.

3. Knowledge of how to use the modern technology.
Might have been better again to push a pencil or a pen-
Considering that the use of the hand held computers
have caused problems over and over again.


Three Givens About The Gas Prices (2008)

1. They are high.

2. They will get higher.

3. Today’s prices will look like a bargain as the summer moves along.
It will be no surprise-
As the prices continue to rise.


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