Three Ways To Just Let It Be (2008)



3. Don’t take my PHOTOGRAPH.
Even though, fame, IT DON’T COME EASY-
Ringo Starr would rather just LET IT BE.



Three Downfalls Of Sharing The Wealth (2008)

1. It’s not good for the poor.

2. It’s not good for the middle class.

3. It’s only good for top executives.
Millions and millions of dollars at Lehman Bros. went bye bye-
To “hard working” top executives who deserved it, after a failed try.



Three Ways To Know That You Enjoyed Your Vacation (2008)

1. You smiled everyday.

2. You worried about no schedule.

3. You dread returning to normal.


The vacation-

Is eventually over and done.



Three Places Where We Drag Our Feet (2008)

1. To the dentist office.

2. To the doctor office.

3. To the gas station.
Some things that we have to do-
Whether or not we want to.



Three Plenty For October (2008)

1. Ghosts.

2. Goblins.

3. Safes.
The sales have fared-
As of banks some are scared.


Three Ways To Pick Up Sticks (2008)

1. By hand.

2. By shovel.

3. With your grandson, Joshua.
Yeah, we’re still picking up sticks-
Looking for fun ways to do it such
as who has the largest picks.


Three Things To Do After Parking Your Car (2008)

1. Take the keys out.

2. Step outside of the car.

3. Get the baby out of the car.
An empty baby carseat is the only way-
That an adult in a car is allowed to walk away.


Three Ways To Figure That Someone Is On Their Last Nerve (2008)

1. There are no more fingernails to chew.
2. There is a hole in the roof.
3. The bus driver pulls a knife because a student dropped some crumbs.


It probably wasn’t the crumb-

But the last of something else that is dumb.


Three To Do When Gas Prices Are Low (2008)

1. Go on a vacation.

2. Buy a bigger truck.

3. Wonder how long these lower prices will stay.
Up high for many a day, and now lower for a while-
A time to celebrate in grand old style.


Three Places One Might End Up While In The Emergency Room (2008)

1. In the waiting room.

2. In a hallway.

3. In a linen closet.
Case by case-
Making space.


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