Three In Order (2008)


1. Walking. (Two legs.)

2. Riding in luxury, after the invention of the wheel. (Purchase of gas.)

3. Walking. (Two legs.)
The way we were-
Due to expenses can occur.


Three Things About That Broken Toliet (2008)


1. It’s a shame.

2. It’s awful.

3. How much will the plumber charge for a ROUND trip service charge?
Who would want to face?
Out of order, in outer space?


Three Places To Vote (2008)


1. The schoolhouse.

2. The fire station.

3. The nearest country club.
Overalls allowed, should be the case-
When one is appointed, a voting place.

Three Bans (2008)


1. Smoking employees-due to health insurance.

2. Bottled water-due to clogging landfills per Austin, Texas.

3. Brown grass-even during water conservation time.
What’s a person to do?
With all the rules and regulations
that we have been assigned to
follow through?



(Three Reasons That Some Talk Shows Are Different Than Others (2008)


1. Some have interesting topics.

2. Some have helpful topics.

3. Some go too far for high ratings.
To redeem-

The extreme.



Three Classes At School (2008)


1. Reading.

2. Writing.

3. Wrestling with the teacher.
Before the class is over and done-
The teacher heads to the principal’s office
to partake in Resign 101.


Three Ways To Know That A Plane Is Flying Too Low Over The Neighborhood (2008)


1. The noise is too loud.

2. The dishes rattle.

3. You can stand outside and actually see the faces of

the passengers, inside the plane, as it goes by.


There’s more to see-

Than there ought to be.

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