Three Types Of Insurance (2007)

1. Life.

2. Health.

3. Are we gonna show up on the movie set?
Hollywood insurance-
Much risk, at quite an expense.


Three Reasons To Move Your Farm Business To Mexico (2007)

1. One can leave behind any immigration issues.

2. There are plenty of workers available in the country.

3. The workers can be paid eleven dollars a day, compared
to nine dollars an hour in the United States.
And what is it that you get?
Extreme, hassle-free profit.



Three Occasions When The Traffic On The Road Is Thinner (2007)

1. Early on a Sunday morning.

2. In the middle of a holiday.

3. After there is a toll increase.
An EZ Tag countdown-
Began as soon as the 25 cent increase came around.


Three Places That You Expect To Wait (2007)

1. At the doctor’s office.

2. In traffic.

3. At the airport.
With one in three flights arriving late-
One has no choice, but to expect to wait.


Three That You Can Depend On (2007)

1. Yourself.

2. Your family.

3. Your local fire department.
Brave men-
Who need a pat on the back, now and then.


Three Reasons One Might Not Get To Watch Their Favorite Sitcom Or Late Night Show (2007)


1. They’re working.

2. The power is out.

3. Picket signs.
Obviously the ink has run out-
Through unfairness and doubt.


Three Ways To Tell That Mother Nature Is In Charge (2007)


1. Georgia drought.

2. Louisiana flood.

3. California fires.
The wind no doubt-
Needs to calm down, so that
the fire can be put out.


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