Three Things That Are Misunderstood About Sharks (2007)

1. Their attacks are few.

2. With 400 species they are quite diverse.

3. They say that they’re not all just teeth.


But if you are the one getting bit-

Then the animals don’t appear to be a great hit.


Three Things About The New Ethics Rules (2007)

1. They have been carefully looked over.

2. They are tighter.

3. They still leave plenty of leeway.


Some of those gifts and trips-

In size have not taken a dip.



Three Good Things About Not Paying Your Light Bill On Time (2007)

1. You don’t have any glaring lights in your eyes.

2. You don’t have to practice that, when leaving the room, turn the lights out.”

3. You can easily get to the light company on the telephone in order to report that you are sitting in the dark.


A slow payment-

Does not make a dent.



Three Places To Write That Journal (2007)

1. At home.

2. At the bus stop.

3. In the office.


As long as it does not take too long for those words that are inspired-

For if it interferes with the job, one might get fired.


Three Things That Bad Weather Can Cause (2007)

1. Slippery streets.

2. Muddy yards.

3. A blood shortage.


But folks need the stuff rain or shine-

Otherwise they will be in a real bind.


Three That Clean (2007)

1. Maids.

2. Moms and Dads.

3. Some other folks.


The stain is still there to see-

When it comes to laundering money.


Three Reasons To Monitor Steroid Use In High School Sports (2007)

1. It’s not good for the athletes.

2. It’s not supposed to be taken.

3. It levels the field.
Those who compete steroid free-
Would compete in an equal playing field as it should be.



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