Three Things To Spread Around The World (2007)

1. Peace.

2. Love.

3. Chocolate.
The mainstay of the Swiss-
Is close to heavenly bliss.


Three Occasions When Slow Is Not Better (2007)

1. When you’re hungry, and the food is baking.
2. When you’re in a hurry, and are stuck in traffic.
3. When you need approval from the insurance company, in order to have a proceedure to save your life.
Too much red tape can make it too late-
Leading to the lessening of survival, regarding a patients’ fate.


Three Reasons That Someone Else’s Child Might Not Have Made The Big League (2007)


1. They weren’t good enough.

2. They weren’t lucky enough.

3. They weren’t taking steroids.
Just by chance-
The odds were not in balance.



Three Reasons That PG Starlets Need To Show Their Stomachs (2007)

1. It sells magazines.
2. It’s another way to get attention.
3. The world deserves a chance to see what they have never seen before.
An uncommon thing to find-
That has been seen around the world since the beginning of mankind.


Three Things That We Are Told Over And Over Again (2007)


1. Look both ways, before crossing the street.

2. Don’t leave the child alone in the bathtub.

3. Do not attempt to beat the train.
Things can get rough-
When folks don’t pay attention to the old stuff.


Three Christmas Colors (2007)

1. Green.

2. Red.

3. More green.
It’s a sure bet-
That the last green is
coming straight out of
the wallet.


Three Examples Of When Size Matters (2007)

1. When you’re putting your feet into your shoes.

2. When you’re trying to squeeze into those jeans.

3. When your child is sitting in too large of a class.
Overcrowding is a concern-
When students sit down to learn.


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