Three Things To Tell The Grandkids (2007)

1. We used to hang the clothes out to dry.

2. We used to watch 8 track tapes.

3. The phone we used, was just that, a plain old phone.


Nowadays it includes everything except for the kitchen sink-

But it the old days it was used just for a person to person conversation link.


Three Spring Jobs To Do (2007)

1. Mow the grass.

2. Weed eat the edges.

3. Plow the driveway.


In Montana, the tumbleweeds have taken over

a small town-

And in order to get to your car, one must first

clear the ground.


Three To Cook Healthy Foods For (2007)

1. Yourself.

2. Your kids.

3. Your pets.



For the modern pet today.


Three In Recent Times That Have Lost Their Bikes (2007)

1. Pee Wee Herman.
2. My neighbor.
3. Bello, the clown.
Hard to see at 6 inches wide and one foot high-
The Barnum & Bailey circus performer, is having a hard time getting by.


Three High Paying Positions (2007)

1. Doctors.

2. Scientists.

3. Whistleblowers.


The mere act of seeing what is not right-

And then bringing the situation to light.


Three Types Of Pollution (2007)

1. Air.

2. Noise.

3. Visual.


Too many signs there just ought not to be-

For it interferes with the world’s natural beauty.


Three Ways To Relax (2007)

1. Swim.

2. Sunbathe.

3. Sit out on the patio to your suite.


And then surely the cats and the dogs-

After a day at the pet spa, when night comes, will saw many logs.


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