Three Waxing Jobs As of Late (2007)

1. The car.

2. The floor.

3. Camilla.
At Madame Tussauds Museum, she’s been added to
the royal family-
Another life like figure, to be in awe of and see.



Three Places To Get Your Toys For Christmas (2007)

1. At a toy store.

2. Online.

3. Basically anyplace, except China.
More recalled toys-
That can harm the girls and boys.


Three Things Required By Stranded Airline Passengers (2007)

1. Food.

2. Water.

3. Patience.
The airline may provide the first two-
But on the third one, each individual, on their own, must accrue.


Three Places To Find A Devil (2007)

1. In disguise.

2. Down there.

3. In the office.
Where the boss sits-
On many an occasion the description fits.


Three Sharp Objects (2007)

1. Knives.

2. The color on tv picture screens.

3. A brand new porcupine.
Born on September 13th, at the Houston Zoo-
Living with his Mama, Daddy, and sister too.


Three Things That Are Down In The Outdoor Sporting World (2007)

1. Hunting.

2. Fishing.

3. License fee revenue.
Not as bad as it could get-
But the wildlife agencies are now working on a shoestring budget.


Three That Our Young Have To Look Up To (2007)

Three that our young have to look up to:

1. Politicians.

2. Singers/actors.

3. Sports players.
Maybe back in the old days-
When folks in these careers, acted in more ethical
different ways. (LOL)


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