Three Fake Documents That You Can Buy (2007)

1. Doctor notes.

2. Jury summons.

3. Authentic looking funeral services.
Playing hooky from work and not getting caught-
Is the reason that these type of things are being


Three Scary Things That One Might See Tonight (2007)

1. Goblins.

2. Witches.

3. Costumes on children that are inappropriate.
On the Halloween scene.


Three Groups Who Enjoy Halloween (2007)

1. Younger children.

2. Older children.

3. Adults of any age.
Trick or treat-
No matter how old you are, the likes of candy,
still tastes sweet.


Three Scary Things (2007)

1. Spiders.

2. Wolfman.

3. CBS newswriters going on strike.
Reporting the news-
Without a single clue.


Three Ways To Clean Up Stuff (2007)

1. Use a rag.

2. Use soap.

3. Slow down on that bread.
Supposed to be-
An aid in becoming acne free.


Three Ways To Figure A Person’s Personality (2007)


1. Look at their face.

2. Look at their dress.

3. Check out their license plate.
A public sign-
For what goes on in the inner mind.


Three Midnight Happenings (2007)

1. The beginning of another day.

2. The end of the third shift.

3. On your mark, get ready, go shopping.
The busiest shopping day of the year-
Stand strong, stand tall, and of others,
try and steer clear.


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