Three Places Not To Keep Your Deepest Secrets (2006)

1. In your e-mail at work.

2. On a piece of paper just hanging around the house.

3. In text form on your cell phone.


Delete, is not enough in this case-

For the proper software can bring up what you think you erased!



Three Things To Think About While You Are Sitting In Traffic (2006)

1. Your children.

2. Your upcoming weekend.

3. The fact that the average commuting

time is dropping.


That thought is hard to stick-

When you’re stuck in the middle of traffic!



Three That Share A Birthday On September 1st (2006)

1. Yvonne De Carlo (84)

2. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards (73)

3. Me. (blank)


The blank number-

Is in slumber!



Three Ways That Two Is Better Than One (2006)

1. Two has always been double the fun.

2. Two is twice what one could be.

3. Two can cover handling anything, especially if the other one is not available.


Backups are the cure-

To make sure that dependability can positively endure!


Three Places Where One Might Expect The Red Carpet To Be Rolled Out ( 2006)

1. When one is expecting the Queen.

2. At an awards show.

3. In your home, when a particular company delivers your mattress.



Leads to unusual things being done.


Three Things We Do Not Like To See (2006)

1. Trash on the road.
2. A person going hungry.
3. A tropical depression out in the Atlantic.
Best empty-
Most would agree.

Three Things We Don’t Mind See Falling (2006)

1. Waterfalls.
2. Dominoes.
3. Gas prices.
Makes sense-
Less cents.

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