Three Things We Do Not Like To See (2006)

1. Trash on the road.
2. A person going hungry.
3. A tropical depression out in the Atlantic.
Best empty-
Most would agree.

Three Things We Don’t Mind See Falling (2006)

1. Waterfalls.
2. Dominoes.
3. Gas prices.
Makes sense-
Less cents.

Three Things To Wish At The Wishing Well (2006)

1. Good health.
2. Riches.
3. That there was water in the well.
Dry as can be-
In some parts of the country!

Three Ways To Ease A Child’s Cold Symptoms (2006)

1. Hugs and kisses.
2. Medicine and chicken noodle soup.
3. Television.
Easing the childhood cold-
While watching the latest cartoon unfold!

Three Reasons To Purchase An Umbrella (2006)

1. Everyone owns one.
2. It comes in handy.
3. So that you can wish it was with you when you needed it the most.
Either at home or in the car-
Or vice-versa, anywhere except where you are!

Three Samplings Of Shedding (2006)

1. Cicada. (shell)
2. Snake. (skin)
3. Foley’s. (Macy’s)
Brand new store-
With the old one, being no more!

Three Right On The Mark (2006)

1. Hit the bullseye. (darts)
2. Ring the stake. (horseshoes)
3. Hit the moon. (Europe’s space program)
After three years, the Smart 1, crashed and made a crater-
Spreading dust, that will be studied later.

Three Places To Announce That You Are Having A Baby (2006)

1. At a party.
2. At a family gathering.
3. On
A modern way to say-
That one is in the expectant way!

Three Annoying Things While Trying To Perform A Task (2006)

1. You cannot thread the eye of the needle.
2. The nail will not hammer in straight.
3. The bolt, spring, and washer, float away.
One can face-
Such problems in space.

Three Reasons To Be Late (2006)

1. Flat tire.
2. Faulty alarm clock.
3. Pure laziness.
Never will we see the season-
When folks admit to the third reason!

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