Three Ways To Escape Getting Old (2006)

1. Plastic surgery.

2. Much exercise.

3. Just thinking that you are young.



Youthful bliss!


Three Excuses For Wearing A Watch (2006)

1. For decoration.

2. To tell the time.

3. To see who is calling you on your cell phone.


One can look to see who is calling first-

Before they dig through that much filled purse.


Three Characteristics Of The Best Boss One Could Ever Work For (2006)


1. One who “actually” knows what they are doing.

2. One who never asks you to do anything, that they hadn’t done before.

3. One who is “human”. (Of course, after having that first cup of coffee.)


Far and few in between,what else can one say-

A boss one can appreciate on any given day.


Three Things That You Don’t Really Need (2006)


1. Heartache.

2. Bad luck.

3. Some of your body parts.


The tonsils, the spleen, and the appendix, just for a start-

Are all considered spare body parts.


Three Highlights Regarding The Pre-Game Show For The New Orleans Saints And Atlanta Falcons Football Game On September 25th (2006)

1. Reggie Bush and Michael Vick.

2. U2 and Green Day.

3. The New Orleans Superdome, itself.


Resurrected, and back in action-

After all of Katrina’s

destruction, has been repaired

and undone!


Three Reasons That Our Politicians Will Be On Their Best Behavior (2006)

1. It is their duty.

2. It is their nature.

3. It is close to election time.


People take more note-

When it’s time for them to

go out and vote!



Three Places Where Folks Have Been Known To Doodle (2006)

1. At a meeting.

2. Near any telephone.

3. At the White House.


In the book, “Presidential Doodles, scribble, scrabble-

In that favorite pasttime, our Presidents, did dabble!



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