The East Montgomery County Historical Society Summary For The Year 2011

The East Montgomery County

Historical Society Summary

For The Year 2011

East Montgomery County Texas Blog by Mary Elizabeth Rumsey | http://eastmontgomerycountypastandprese...
Another year has passed us by- Time passes too quickly, is the reason why.
Time passes A Very Special SuperPost Sunday Weekly Roundup #22 |
All through the year, The East Montgomery County Historical Society- Had some wonderful guests, and stayed busy.
Oklahoma Sound 6010-MY Sound Aristocrat Podium Floor Lectern OKS6010MY |
Beginning in January, with Michael Roland Turner- Who enlightened us with our local history, and caused a stir.
pioneer, covered wagons |
February brought us David Young, from the East Texas Forestry Museum- We learned plenty about the logging system and then some.
Texas Forestry Museum Logo
In March we had as our guest, Lynna Kay Shuffield,
a noted speaker and genealogist-
author of “Our Loose Ends”, and so much more
to list.
Your Family, Local & Social History Website |
April, as it were so well done-
A presentation on “The Rise and Fall
of Fostoria”,  written by Kay Lynn Dawes
Mayer and  Barbara Coleman Hamilton.
**Fostoria Re-union April 21st
Good Wood: How Forest Certification Helps the Environment Green ... |
The EMCHS participated for the 5th
time on April 16th, at the Texas Sawmill Festival,
and much EMC history did they bring-
Set up inside at the EMCID building.
56" Circular Sawmill Blade |
May brought Ann Stewart and Patsy
Faulkner with their family history-
The Faulkner Family from both
Fostoria and Security.
 ... record of your family history. Ask a parent or the ward family history |
***Splendora Founders Day May 14th.
Founder's Day Photos Founder's Day Dates |
June brought Robert L. Crippen (Captain, USN, Ret.) NASA
Astronaut, born and raised in East Montgomery County-
It was a good visit, as all of our members could see.
Robert Crippen |
In July,  James Harkins from the
Texas General Land Office,
brought much info-
Where to search, and where
to go.
For August  Susan D. Kaufman, Manager for Genealogical
Research, Houston Public Library, came to speak-
Ways to search, ways to dig, ways to peek.
family genealogy books, genealogy books |
***The East Montgomery County Pioneer
Reunion took place on August 20th, at Sallas Park.
umatilla county pioneer association pioneer reunion history the ... |
In September, on Clarence Walker Philips, the
details of the famous Montgomery Bear Hunter
we did get-
Through a descendant, by the name of Sandra Puckett.
 ... Bear Hunting: close quarters PGA - Currier & Ives--Bear Hunting: (A |
***The Lyons Club donated their first bell,
to the East Montgomery County Historical
Bell Coloring Pages (43 of 50) |
***We donated EMCHS garage sale items to
New Horizons and Family Time.
mommyhood in madison: Great Garage Sale--429 Jubilee Lane--Friday ... |
In October we learned to make a headstone,
and then let it dry-
For someone could always use one,
is the reason why.
RIP Tombstone in  |
****Members joined Anna Kay Sheffield
in the art of dowsing  at Robinson Cemetery on
Sullivan Road – Oct. 16th.
If you use dowsing rods: the rods are crossing each other, signifying ... | http://biotensorcourse4f...
November brought bad weather-
The meeting was cancelled, as
to stay home for many, it was
more than better.
Princess of Sarcasm: Thunderstorm at the Duck Pond |
On November 14th  Jerry Gay Sr. and the other board members
appeared before the NCISD Board of Trustees of New Caney,
to apply for school board land, to have a permanent place, for
our museum.
School Board meeting this Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 at 4:00pm at ... | http://www.thomastalksonci...
December-Annual EMCHS
Christmas Dinner
Pioneer Beach Resort |
A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year-
The future for The East Montgomery
County Historical Society, in 2012, is bright
and clear.
Happy New Year-2 : Greetings & Cards Collection - |
* Acquiring school board land for our museum.
* Presswood cemetery cleanup with Eagle Scout Project
   With Cole Wilson.
* Going ahead and preparing our museum building.
* A new book.
* Build on our Facebook page.
* Fill the display cabinet at the R. B. Tullis Library.
Join us in 2012. Second Tuesday of the month.
Meet and Greet will start at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting at 7 p.m.
at the R. B. Tullis Library on the Hwy 59 feeder road just north of Community Drive.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In Montgomery County # 559

Three ways to conserve at home:

1. Turn the porch light.

2. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

3. Eat less.


Steps to take for some-

As others leave their backyard swimming pools,

to gourmet dine, at the well lit sports stadium.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In Montgomery County # 558

Three that get a lot of mail:

1. Rock stars.

2. Politicians.

3. Santa.


And, many came to be-

Written right here in East Montgomery County.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In Montgomery County # 557

Three for the Season:

1. The little ones.

2. The older ones.

3. Texas’ State Parks.


To visit and take care-

Much needed help, as the past

year, for the parks, has been

a nightmare.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In Montgomery County # 556

Three to cut back on:

1. Calories.

2. Overspending.

3. Watering.


To learn and know-

Which days allowed according to odd

and even addresses, in the CIty

of Conroe.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In Montgomery County # 555

Three ways to get that Christmas tree:

1. Buy one at the store.

2. Get last year’s from the attic.

3. Visit a tree farm.


You know the one-

The Dryden Tree Farm in Tarkington.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In Montgomery County # 554

Three places to be on December 12th:

1. Grocery store.

2. Christmas tree sales lot.

3. Community Drive.


The community was made-

To catch that East Montgomery County

Christmas Parade.

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