Three Heavies (2007)

1. Too heavy, to carry.

2. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

3. Heavy trash day.


Saturday, April 28th, is the day-

That Precinct 4 Commissioner Ed Rinehart’s heavy

trash day, gets underway.

Let Me See-What Is Going On In East Montgomery County # 601 (Three Ways To Dig Into The Past)

1. Ask  a relative.

2. Get out that shovel.

3. Sign up and attend Genealogy Boot Camp: on January 30th, at R. B. Tullis Library.


From 2-3:30pm Heather Kramer, from the Genealogy Room

at the Conroe Central Library-

Will highlight an interesting program, for those who

pursue family history.

Three Highlights Of The Roman Forest Fourth of July Celebration (2012)

1. The community that came.

2. The fireworks, of course.

3. Sundance and his father Roy Head,

on stage.


A two generation-


Three Things For The Whole Family Right Smack In The Middle Of Splendora (2012)

1. Watermelon eating contest.

2. Street Dance.

3. Stopping by the East Montgomery

County Historical Society’s booth.


Splendora Founder’s Day 2012, to

celebrate the town’s history-

To celebrate all that has been, with a

great future to see.

(Saturday May 12th)

Three That Conroe Texas Police Officers Do (2012)

1. Protect the public.

2. Write traffic tickets.

3. Capture gators.


Now and then-

The gators slip into a


Three To Look Forward To Next Year (2012)

1. A child graduating.

2. The birth of a grandchild.

3. Texas Sawmill Festival 2013.


Another welcome guest-

As Texas Sawmill Festival 2012,

was a success.

Three Working Hard (2012)

1. Parents.

2. Teachers.

3. Jerry Gay Sr.


President of the East Montgomery

County Historical Society-

Doing his part, in readying, for

Texas Sawmill Festival 2012,

that celebrate’s the area’s history.

Three Places To Saw Logs (2012)

1. In your own bed.

2. At a hotel, while on vacation.

3. At Texas Sawmill Festival 2012.


In New Caney, Texas on the 28th of April-

To see an actual log cut, the old fashioned way, yes, many will.

Three To Enjoy At Texas Sawmill Festival In New Caney Texas On April 28th (2012)

1. The past.

2. The present.

3. The East Montgomery County Historical Society’s Collection.


To have a blast-

In the present, while revisiting the past.

Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 754

Barbara wanted to experience the past-

As much reading and writing of it, she had amassed.


So she went to the Texas Sawmill Festival

2012, in New Caney-

So many things, from the past, there were

to see.


She watched as they sawed the wood-

Like back, in the day, the best they could.


She saw many buildings, as they were back

in the day-

The Overall Grocery, was built by Mr. Jerry Gay, Sr.


There were so many people, who had lived in

the area, for generations-

Coming back, to see a piece, of how it used to

be, was a sensation.


And, then suddenly Barbara came across the

biggest jewel of all-

For she came across The East Montgomery

County Historical Society Wall.


A group that had been collecting the history

of the county-

So much of it, my gosh, there was to of

past East Montgomery County society.


Barbara had to take a seat, because she

was going to be a while-

So many generations involved, if only you

could have seen her smile.


She was told that a future musem was in

the works, to store all of this history-

For future generations, the residents,

of East Montgomery County.


Of course, things are changing, and

so many trees have come down-

But, in between all of that, thanks

to the East Montgomery County

Historical Society, so many memories

can be found.


Barbara got up, and was so glad that

she had came-

To experience a community event, that

preserves the past, all the same.


Barbara wanted to experience the past-

As much reading and writing of it, she had amassed.

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