Casualty And Reality # 418

There are too many routes to take-

I’ll dwindle them down, before a final

decision, I decide to make.



Casualty And Reality # 378

The world cannot be straightened out-

Not if you listen to those, who continue to spout that route.



Casualty And Reality # 389

Trying to keep up with the latest trial-
This one will keep me entertained, until the next one, for a little while.



Casualty And Reality # 382

Yes, the traffic is bad-

But the opportunity to be stuck in it, heading to a job, makes me glad.


Casualty And Reality # 422


The weather is too cold-

But, to rid of the skeeters, it will take hold.


Casualty And Reality # 396

The holiday season is approaching too quick-
In order to survive, with only today’s schedule will we stick.


Casualty And Reality # 436

It’s too long to wait for Christmas-

But, in the meantime, plenty of patience, is what I will amass.


Casualty And Reality # 421

The Thanksgiving dinner table was bare-
Until fully set, by volunteers, and folks who care.


Casualty And Reality # 410

I have too much to do-
But, if I take it piece by piece, I will get through.


Casualty And Reality # 412

In between breakfast and lunch, I sometimes get hungry-
Knowing that I am fortunate enough, to have a full meal waiting for me.


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