Three British Royalty Figures (2006)

1. Queen Elizabeth II.

2. Prince Charles.

3. Lord Royal Highness.


David Bowie, surely, will fare well with his chance-

To make a guest appearance, on SpongeBob Square Pants!


Three Spots To Fight (2014)

1. In ring.
2. Political debate.
3. On home front.
Less there needs to be-
Regarding the family.


Three To Cover (2014)

1. Story.
2. Book.
3. Your mouth and nose.
When you cough or sneeze.



Three Places To Find A Wildlife Refuge (2006)

1. In Minnesota. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

2. In the Artic. The Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

3. In New Orleans. The Natural Katrina Wildlife Refuge.


Katrina made the mess-

Which have led the alligators, coyotes, rabbits, nutria, and even the armadillos, to instinctively, nest!


Three Ways To Gamble (2006)

1. Play bingo.

2. Buy a lottery ticket.

3. Donate to a campaign fund.


Winning on the first two is a little hard to do-

But with the third one, the returned favors, immediately come through.


Three Reasons To Be Tired In The AM (2014)

1. Insomnia.
2. Bad dreams.
3. Late night sports.
A true fan-
Tiredly, on hand.


The Need-To Read (268)

Tonight I would cook-

But really and truly I have to finish reading this book.



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