Three Reasons That We Eat When We’re Not Hungry (2010)

1. To fight boredom.
2. To keep the hunger away.
3. Because we can.
Not to be rude-
But our entire social lives are centered around food.


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet # 611

Could it be?
That today, we are eating broccoli?


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 639 (The Forest Fire)

They had to start all over again-
Thanks to the big fire and wind.
It started in the forest and then it spread-
No one could have know what was up ahead.
The brave firefighters and the volunteers worked
so hard-
Trying to put out that fire, trying to stay on guard.
For weeks the fire raged, and did not stall-
Taking down complete homes and the trees
that were so tall.
Mother Nature had dealt a bad hand-
Striking much and many all throughout
the land.
And, then came the day when it was finally
put out-
With tired working souls, and many homeless
without a doubt.
They had to start all over again-
Thanks to the big fire and wind.


Three Things To Do When There Is A Police Shortage On The Street (2007)

1. Recruit more officers.
2. Work them overtime.
3. Put the bosses back on the street.
The Philadelphia brass working four hours once a week-
Is what the department will expect and seek.


Three That Can Make Your Day (2007)

1. A pleasant ride to work.

2. A good night’s sleep.

3. A compliment from a passing child.


Even some little ones know-

How to make an adult glow.


Three To Have Compassion For (2007)

1. The poor.
2. The hungry.
3. The rich.
Even those who are as rich as they can be-
When down and out, still deserve our sympathy.



Clear-That Fear (15)

Painful as it is-

You can control that panic and anxiety biz.




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