Practice It Right-Let’s Be Polite # 456

As we seem to know it all-

Let’s name at least three United States Supreme Court Justices, without stall.


Three Types Of Friends (2014)

1. Casual.
2. So-so.
3. Lifetime.
From way back when-
To the depths of Senior Citizen.


Three To Pick Out For The Baby (2011)

1. Bed.
2. Stroller.
3. Gender.
Custom boy or girl?
To bring, into the world?


Three Books To Read This Month (2014)

1. Drama.
2. Romance.
3. Downright scary.
Horror reading seen-
Just in time for Halloween.



Three To Get Behind (2011)

1  That backlog at work.
2. The dirty clothes pile.
3. Those bills.
In the middle, of the day,
without making a sound-
The new bills, without the
old ones being paid, come
unexpectedly around.


Three On The Move (2014)

1. Motorists.
2. Walkers.
3. Graduates.
After school, to
find that place-
To dig in and create
their own space.


Three Sides (2014)

1. Front.

2. Back.

3. Opposite.
Always a different opinion-

Being debated and under the gun.


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