Three To Complete (2014)

1. Thesis.
2. Road addition.
3. “The Other Side of the Wind”.
Orson Welles’ last movie-
In 2015, in time, for his 100th birth anniversary.


Three Places To Get Coffee (2006)

1. At home.

2. At the office.

3. On the corner.


If Starbucks has its’ way-

They’ll be on every corner one day!


Three For The Holidays (2014)

1. Layaway.
2. Gift wrap.
3. Laid off.
Most don’t wear the badge-
Of volunteering with a pretty package.


Three Early (2014)

1. Birds.
2. Folks who purposely arrive before their scheduled time.
3. Those who forgot to set their clocks back one hour.
This weekend, to fall back-
To keep on schedule, to stay on track.


Three That Are Not Funny (2014)

1. Bad joke.
2. Sad situation.
3. Scary clown.
Supposed to be fun
and entertaining-
Instead end up being
weird, with much fright
to be gaining.



Three Examples Of New Orleans Cuisine (2006)


1. Crawfish Etoufee.

2. Oyster Po-boys.

3. Tacos.


By the truckload-

Feeding construction workers along the road.


Three Things Not To Forget (2014)

1. Important meeting.
2. Addition to grocery list.
3. To vote.
Official Election Day-
About to get underway.


Three That You May Not Recognize (2014)

1. New kid on block.
2. Friend after plastic surgery.
3. Trick or Treaters.
Familiarity with no room-
Thanks to a Halloween costume.


Three Orange (2014)

1. Fruit.
2. Pumpkins.
3. Decorations.
In full sight-
On Halloween night.


Three Pumpkin (2014)

1. Pie.
2. Coffee flavor.
3. Cake.
A thought not to skirt-
Always a brand new
pumpkin taste insert.


Three Pumpkin Styles (2014)

1. Fun.
2. Evil.
3. Elvis.
From “Taking Care of Business”-
To many others, that one wouldn’t want to miss.


Three Things To Pass Down In This Disposable World (2006)


1. Pictures.

2. Money.

3. Quilts.


The yearning to sew-

As we age, tends to grow.



Three To Make Drivers Stop At Red Light (2014)

1. Camera.
2. Cops on site.
3. Crash.
No worry-
For they are pompous
and in a hurry.



Three That Make For A Great Halloween (2006)

1. Three children.

2. Three grandchildren.

3. Three days of festive fun.


Fall fun times three-

With the entire family!


Three Crunches (2014)

1. Traffic.
2. Cracker eating.
3. Scheduling.
A hard game-
To squeeze many,
into the same time


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose [H] (NOISES IN THE NIGHT)

The house was quiet, and no one was around-
A bit of agitation is what I eventully found.
For there were strange noises I did not know-
As I said before there was no one around, and no where to go.
I tried to think about something brand new-
It was the only thing that I could think to do.
To offset the strange noises that had brought much fear-
To ease my mind, I had to figure out to rid the noises and put them in arrear.
I tried to read a book, I tried to count about a thousand sheep-
But nothing brought relief, as I heartily tried to go to sleep.
I covered my ears, I went and got a snack in the kitchen-
I counted another thousand sheep, over and over again.
And then suddenly it occured to me, of this strife, I would put it to rest-
I called the police, and suddenly I had an invited guest.
The neighbors played their TV loud every single night-
All those horror shows and sounds would give anyone with insomina, a sure fright.
They were warned, and suddenly the night was silent and still-
To get lots of sleep, FINALLY, I will, I will.
The house was quiet, and no one was around-
A bit of agitation is what I eventully found.



Three Small But Still Great (2014)

1. Presents.
2. Acts of kindness.
3. Businesses.
Been that way-
And makes America what
it is today.


Three To Expect To See In All Of Comic Strip World (2014)

1. Trick or treaters.
2. Pumpkins.
3. Costumes.
Highly seen-


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (56)

Cool weather, for a good reason-

As it is officially the fall season.



Clear-That Fear (99)

To take hold-

And know that you are the one in control.



Clear-That Fear (98)

As it were-

Negative thinking gives panic and anxiety, a powerful stir.



Three Thoughts On Early (2006)

1. The early bird gets the worm.

2. Early to bed, early to rise.

3. You arrived at Church one hour early, and no one else is there.


Tick Tock-

Forget to set back the clock!


Three Answers To “If I Could Turn Back Time” 2006


1. I’d do it differently.

2. I’d do it more simply.

3. I’d do it this Sunday morning at 2am.


Fall back-

To keep on track!


A Child’s Time In Simple Rhyme # 356


For the little ones, everyday-

Is one big play day.



Three Things That Take A While (2010)

1. Baking a cake.
2. Waiting for the clothes to dry.
3. Reading the condolence letters
written after the JFK assassination.
“Letters to Jackie: Condolences From A
Grieving Nation”-
Letters to read that were written from the
heart, after this sad event was done.


Three To Collect (2014)

1. Thimbles.
2. Stamps.
3. Blackberry phones.
Not just on a whim-
But well done by Kim.


Three Quite Evil (2014)

1. Goblins.
2. Ghosts.
3. Clowns.
Armed and evil, to take
a stance-
Overwhelming, the
country of France.


Three To Bring Comfort (2014)

1. Proper clothing.
2. Good eats.
3. Low gas prices.
Money kept in the bank-
After filling up the gas tank.


Three Shortages In Venezuela (2007)

1. Chickens.

2. Eggs.

3. Milk.
As the oil flows-
Other things, manage to come slow.


Three To Unveil (2014)

1. Painting.
2. Bride.
3. The Statue of Liberty.
In NY, her history began to grow-
128 years ago.


Three Things That Can Get Folks Excited (2007)

1. A bonus.

2. A day off.

3. A gold rush.
In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, digging for gold on the beach,
is a must-
Even if it’s not all that valuable, in the form of dust.


Three To Correct (2014)

1. School paper.
2. A wrong.
3. The NYC Correction
Department itself.
Top officials stepping down.


Three That Improve Our Lives (2014)

1. Education.
2. Family.
3. Homemade quilts.
A sensation-
Generation after generation.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 193 (To Be Used Later)

There was a time when the little girl
would read Mother Goose-
But as of late, of the stories the
little girl had no use.

For she was a tween now and all she
could see-
Is that stories like that would be for
a baby.

The years went by and eventually
the tween became a teen-
And of course, then, Mother Goose
had been years away from the scene.

No time for such nonsense for the
girl had now turned into a lady-
And more important things there
were to be.

And then all of a sudden the lady
become a mother-
A mother who wanted to be like
no other.

There was a time when the little
girl would read Mother Goose-
And with a brand new baby in
her life, for the story, she had
much use.




A Special Say-Regarding The Local Newspaper Today #150


With the local newspaper I think that it is neat-

For with all of the final sports scores, I win a front row seat.



Three Heels (2014)

1. Bread.
2. Person not worthy of respect.
3. Shoes that cause pain.
Lady wear-
For some a nightmare.


Three Morning Plans (2014)

1. Eyes open.
2. Snooze button.
3. Eyes open again later.
An idea on hand-
To sleep as long as one can.


Three Places To Find A Lot Of Action (2014)

1. Food bank.
2. School house.
3. Marathon.
Exercise and fun-
On the run.


Clear-That Fear (97)

To keep up the fight-

Knowing that long lasting results do not happen overnight.



Clear-That Fear (96)

Time spent-

Zapping out that specific moment.



Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (55)

The smell of pumpkin spice-

Makes the fall season, twice as nice.



Three Seen Tonight (2012)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:

1. Full moon.

2. Trick or treaters.

3. Candy corn.


We’ve been eating the stuff since 1898-

To get our hands on it tonight, we

can hardly wait.

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Three That Grow In Trees (2011)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:

1. Apples.

2. Oranges.

3. Pumpkins.


In a tree, on a growing vine-

In Iowa, an unusual find.

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Three Movies That Scare Us (2011)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:

1. The ones sporting ghosts.

2. The ones with no way out.

3. The ones that could become reality.


A scary feel-

To the stuff, that could become real.

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Three That Are Downright Scary (2012)

Originally posted on Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times:

1. Ghosts.

2. Witches.

3. Phony trips to out patient psychiatric hospitals.


Empty for sure-

With Medicare fraud, to endure.

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