Three Who Can Appreciate The Apple (2014)

1. Growers.
2. Teachers.
3. Fruit lovers.
Straight from the apple tree-
Delicious and healthy.


Three At 99 Years Old (2014)

1. Visit.
2. Watch TV.
3. Paint.
Carmen Herrera sold the
first one at 89-
Still at it, with a clear mind.


Three In Full Exercise (2014)

1. Grandparents.
2. Parents.
3. Children.
Healthy, to see-
Not later, but being done early.


Three Ways To Self Help (2008)


1. Watch a talk show.

2. Read someone else’s book.

3. Help yourself.
You basically can accrue-
Whatever it is that you want to do.


Three Places To Meet (2014)

1. Eatery.
2. Cafe.
3. Library.
Not to be missed-
To meet an author or
a cartoonist.


Casualty And Reality # 422

The weather is too cold-
But, to rid of the skeeters, it will take hold.


Three Types Of Drugs (2014)

1. Cocaine.
2. Meth.
3. Prescription.
All across the land-
All three are in high demand.


Three To Plan (2014)

1. Work day.
2. Work week.
3. Thanksgiving dinner.
Never too early-
To search for the perfect new recipe.


Three Positions In A Film To Hold (2011)

1. Lead trumpeter.
2. Townsman.
3. Soldier.
Karl Slover, who has passed away
at age 93-
The Wizard of Oz munchin, who
was just as sweet as he could be.


Three To Fill (2014)

1. Order.
2. Bag.
3. Houston Food Bank.
By many a local eatery.


Three Things To Share During The WInter Season (2011)

1. Good cheer.
2. A pleasant smile.
3. Blankets.
To share, to warm-
To keep others from chilled


Three We All Do Now And Then (2014)

1. Slip.
2. Err.
3. Typo.
There are folks out there to detect-
Anything that we do not type correct.


Three Uses For Rudolph’s Nose (2011)


1. To make children laugh.
2. To guide Santa.
3. To encourage you to use the Bing search engine.
The will-
To follow a Microsoft commercial.


Three For The Oil Boom (2011)

1. Jobs.
2. More oil.
3. Higher rents.
For the North Dakota elderly, to see.


Three To Wish For In Multitudes (2014)

1. Bread.
2. Winning lottery numbers.
3. The Chris Brake Show Doodles.
No doubt-
It is just plain fun figuring them out.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (51)

Some will need a bit more room-

As they walk around with an extra large costume.



Clear-That Fear (89)

Doesn’t matter from where it came-

You want true relief, from panic and anxiety, all the same.



Clear-That Fear (88)

The only way against panic and anxiety, to conquer and win-

Is to change your thoughts (inner voice) the moment it sets in, the moment it begins.



Three Places To Hear That Gobble Gobble Sound (2011)

1. From a turkey.
2. From the folks eating at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
3. From inside your wallet.
We’ll spend 13 percent more-
Preparing the dinner, buying at the grocery store.


To Change The Word To Clear-That Much Nagging Fear # 204

I’m just plain scared-

Let’s rein in some of that
anxiety, for it is always good
to have some spare.


Three Places To Find Roots (2014)

1. Movie history.
2. Below tree.
3. Hometown.
There’s no place-
Like that childhood place.


Three Long Lines (2011)


1. Grocery store.
2. Department store.
3. At voting polls.
To take note-
To go out and vote.


Three Things To Spread Around The World (2007)

1. Peace.

2. Love.

3. Chocolate.
The mainstay of the Swiss-
Is close to heavenly bliss.


Three Occasions When Slow Is Not Better (2007)

1. When you’re hungry, and the food is baking.
2. When you’re in a hurry, and are stuck in traffic.
3. When you need approval from the insurance company, in order to have a proceedure to save your life.
Too much red tape can make it too late-
Leading to the lessening of survival, regarding a patients’ fate.


Three Reasons That Someone Else’s Child Might Not Have Made The Big League (2007)


1. They weren’t good enough.

2. They weren’t lucky enough.

3. They weren’t taking steroids.
Just by chance-
The odds were not in balance.



Three Reasons That PG Starlets Need To Show Their Stomachs (2007)

1. It sells magazines.
2. It’s another way to get attention.
3. The world deserves a chance to see what they have never seen before.
An uncommon thing to find-
That has been seen around the world since the beginning of mankind.


Three That Are Strong (2014)

1. Popeye.
2. Wrestlers.
3. Guard rails.
At least they should be-
For public safety.


Three After Tax Cuts (2014)

1. More money in pocket.
2. Lots of money for some in pocket.
3. Revenue shortfalls.
To amass-
In the State of Kansas.


Three Places To Sleep (2014)

1. Bed.
2. Tent.
3. Classroom.
Sleeping on the edge-
For athletes at University of North Carolina College.


Three That Are Sweet (2011)

1. Pickles.
2. Candy bars.
3. Oil reserves.
Sweet crude-
Until it runs out, has to be



Three Expensive (2014)

1. Coats.
2. Vehicles.
3. Midterm elections.
Budgets tossed-
Politics comes a high cost.


Three Dangers (2011)

1. Tornado.
2. Fire.
3. Changing how Social Security is funded.
To set the tone-
To leave it alone.


Three Places To Find A Bully (2014)

1. Youth.
2. Middle age.
3. Elderly.
From one stage to the next-
Unfortunately, even found in text.


Three Places To Slip (2011)

1. Sidewalk.
2. Ice skating rink.
3. Shower.
Water and soap-
Can cause a slippery slope.


Three Jobs Online (2014)

1. Medical record.
2. Ghostwriting.
3. Thanking everyone for re-tweets.
Busy as a bee-
As it ought to be.


Three Tiny (2014)

1. Tim.
2. Newborn.
3. The sun.
A partial eclipse, today, a no-fail-
At sunset, to look like a fingernail.


Three Country Brand Names (2011)


1. Japan-Sony.

2. Mexico-Corona.

3. South Korea-Samsung.
Made in China, is not much of a
brand name-
For it projects the idea of playing
“made with the whole world”
production game.


Three Types Of Moms (2014)

1. Loving.
2. Caring.
3. @thetravelmom.
Always on the go-
With great tips, that grow.


Three To Trust (2011)

1. Your best friend.
2. Your family member.
3. The stranger who got your Wells Fargo bank
statement in their mail.
In South Carolina and Florida, a printer/computer
error done-
With every wrongly done customer getting a year
of free identity protection.



1. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash (Country singer)

2. Jailhouse Rock by Elvis (Rock and roll singer)

3. VH1’s Music Behind Bars (Featuring Christopher Bissey, murderer of two
teenage girls, heavy metal band)


To stand still-

To highlight a notorious criminal.


Three To Come Through The Door (2014)

1. Husband.
2. Wife.
3. Kids.
And don’t forget the wombat-
Who comes in through the pet door,  like the dog or the cat.


Three Things That We Are Told Over And Over Again (2007)


1. Look both ways, before crossing the street.

2. Don’t leave the child alone in the bathtub.

3. Do not attempt to beat the train.
Things can get rough-
When folks don’t pay attention to the old stuff.


Three Christmas Colors (2007)

1. Green.

2. Red.

3. More green.
It’s a sure bet-
That the last green is
coming straight out of
the wallet.


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