Three Reasons Up So Late (2014)


1. Twiddling thumbs.

2. Special project.

3. Waiting on Easter Bunny.


A hop-

All nite, non-stop.





Three For The Easter Egg (2014)

1. Boil.

2. Color.

3. Put in a basket.


To have fun and be glad-

With plenty supply, for egg salad.




Three Ways To Vote (2014)

1. Early.

2. By mail.

3. In person.


To follow through-

To do what you are expected to do.


Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (162)

The combination of the two, just happen to meet-

Easter Sunday, and a touch of  chocolate sweet.



Three That Parents Do (2014)

1. Nurture.

2. Provide eats.

3. Name their children.
I never knew-
That parrots do the same as
humans do.


Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 202 (Quiet Please)

The public library used to be a
quiet place-
To read, to relect, in a serene

And for a long time it stayed
that way-
Until the cell phones entered
the library one day.

And as the conversations
continued and the talk grew
It was obvious that it was
getting in the way of the
general library crowd.

A Shhhhhhh was suddenly heard-
For the silence broken, had become

The public library is now once again
a quiet place-
To read, to reflect, in a serene space.



Three On The Agenda (2014)

1. Egg purchase.

2. Boiling moment.

3. Coloring session.


Tradition underway-

For Easter Sunday.


The Need-To Read (126)

All it took-

Was one look, at the cover, of that book.



To Revisit Oscar-That Always Causes A Stir # 60

Three things about “The Last Emperor” (1987)

1. Year awarded-1988.
2. Location: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California.
3. Actor/Actresses: John Lone, Joan Chen, Peter O’Toole,
Ruocheng Ying, and Victor Wong.
A portrait of the last one-
Puyi, very well done.



Three That Babies Love (2014)

1. Hugs.

2. Goo goo ga ga.

3. Little people.


Not just on a whim-

They like people just like them.


Three For Easter Morning (2014)

1. Church.

2. Egg hunt.

3. Music in the air.



All around town.


Three All At Once (2014)

1. Drink beer.

2. Eat.

3. Wash those clothes.


How about that?

A full service laundromat.



Three That Teachers Love (2014)

1. Full class.

2. Fun material.

3. Giveaway.


From those who care-

Exciting teaching fare.


Three For The Train (2014)

1. Schedule.

2. Ticket.

3. Pleasant ride.


Ample space-

Is usually the case.


Three Baby Pics We Love To View (2014)

1. Royal.

2. Celebrity.

3. Comic.


Less age-

On a comic page.


Three That Age (2014)

1. Wine.

2. Humans.

3. Business.


A 150th birthday not to miss-

A cherished business, John Lewis.


Three To Fly Overhead (2014)

1. An idea that you are not interested in.

2. Airplane.

3. Drone.


Fairly new-

Something else to get used to.


Three Things To Eat At The Movies (2010)

1. Popcorn.

2. Candy.

3. Hot dogs.


Some have given their voice-

That they would prefer to eat fruit cups,

veggies, or yogurt, as a healthy choice.


A Child’s Time-In Simple Rhyme (171)

Colored boiled eggs, on the ground-

Green, yellow, blue, red, and brown.




The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 62

The telephone used to have one distinct ring-

Now we get to choose from the latest sensational singing thing.



Three That Adults Do (2014)

1. Work.

2. Budget.

3. Hunt for Easter eggs.


Through and through and through-

Adults enjoy hunting, for those eggs,

as much as the children do.


Three Occasions When Things Look Larger Than Life (2010)

1. While watching the big screen.

2. When you’re in Texas.

3. When you are little.


Childhood magnified-

True and tried.


The Building Is No Longer There (2014)

The building was no longer found-

For the building was torn down.


But the memories are still there-

At least the ones in which we care.


For that cannot be taken away-

For in our minds, we can always go

back to an earlier day.


When the building was filled with love

and laughter-

Yes, the memories will endure.


The building was no longer found-

For the building was torn down.



Three Benefits Of An Easter Egg Hunt (2014)

1. Full baskets.

2. Exercise.

3. The act to step outside.


An outside activity involving eggs-

With high anticipation and running legs.




Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose # 201 (Every Single Holiday)

There was a lady-
Who happened to
celebrate every
holiday that might be.

She’d celebrate Halloween
and Thanksgiving, Kwanza,
and Christmas, of course-
She’d celebrate New Year’s
Eve in full force.

She’d celebrate Valentine’s
Day and the President one-
She’d celebrate St. Patricks’ Day,

Passover, Easter, and couldn’t
wait to get that Cinco De
Mayo celebrating done.

And of course the rest of
the year she’d celebrate
all of those other holidays
Celebration for her lasted
the whole year through.

There was a lady-
Who happened to
celebrate every
holiday that might be.



Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (161)

The Easter Bunny knows that we watch what we eat-

But on Easter Sunday, we hop and skip to quite another beat.



Three Exhausts (2014)

1. Engine.

2. Fan.

3. People.


Playing the business card-

Working extra hard.


Three We Cherish (2014)

1. Pleasant memories.

2. Our children.

3. Those pets.


For a start-

So close to the heart.


Three For Early In The Morning (2014)


1. Eyes open.

2. Yawn.

3. Make up your bed.
So nice and neat-
Before taking your breakfast seat.


Three To Welcome (2014)

1. Newborn.

2. New neighbors.

3. Eatery.


One more delicious taste-

Surely not to go to waste.


Three To Grow (2014)

1. Budget.

2. Flowers.

3. Family tree.


Baby on the way-

A much anticipated day.


The Need-To Read (125)

My mind had ample room to roam-

Especially since I left my recent book at home.



Three Ways To Fix It (2014)


1. Plant flowers.

2. Plants trees.

3. Plant bushes.
For a park, that has been
around since 1914-
After being bulldozed,
bareness no longer seen.


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