Three “Other” Government Entities I Am Glad That I Did Not See Involved During The Government Shutdown (2014)

1. Social Security checks halted.
2. Medicare halted.
3. Medicaid halted.
Never mind closing a park-
The above three would have
caused a real spark.


Three Hints Regarding Great News (2014)

1. Yes.
2. Whoppee.
3. Negative.
An Ebola test-
That turned out best.


Three Highlights Regarding The Pre-Game Show For The New Orleans Saints And Atlanta Falcons Football Game On September 25th (2006)

1. Reggie Bush and Michael Vick.

2. U2 and Green Day.

3. The New Orleans Superdome, itself.


Resurrected, and back in action-

After all of Katrina’s

destruction, has been repaired

and undone!


Three Reasons That Our Politicians Will Be On Their Best Behavior (2006)

1. It is their duty.

2. It is their nature.

3. It is close to election time.


People take more note-

When it’s time for them to

go out and vote!



Three Places Where Folks Have Been Known To Doodle (2006)

1. At a meeting.

2. Near any telephone.

3. At the White House.


In the book, “Presidential Doodles, scribble, scrabble-

In that favorite pasttime, our Presidents, did dabble!



Three Reasons To Collect Stamps (2006)

1. It is a great hobby.
2. They can eventually become rare.
3. They can become valuable.
A printing error back in the 1920’s, depicting the
likeness of James Monroe-
Went for a whopping $74,000.00, at an auction show.

Three Ways To Tell It Like It Is (2006)

1. Tell the whole story.

2. Tell the truth.

3. Build an American Slavery Museum.


A part of American history-

That needs to be built for all to learn and see!


Three Occasions To Re-Call Something (2006)

1. At the factory.

2. After leaving the factory.

3. AFTER someone gets sick.


Check and check and check, safety-

Before it leaves the factory!


Three Types Of Cats (2006)

1. House.

2. Outside.

3. Allergy free.


Whoever thought that there would be?

Hypoallergenic cats, that are sneeze free!


Three Things That Are Happening As Election Time Grows Near (2006)

1. Gas prices are coming down.

2. Terrorism is more highlighted.

3. Folks are trying to make up their minds.


All at one time-

In order to create the perfect rhyme!


Three Things To Get Ready For (2006)

1. The upcoming holidays.

2. The elections.

3. Another year gone by.


This is the time of the year-

That its’ demise, becomes more clear!


Three That You Can Depend On (2007)

1. Yourself.

2. Your family.

3. Your local fire department.
Brave men-
Who need a pat on the back, now and then.


Mary Elizabeth Rumsey’s Rhyme And Reason-During The Holiday Season (47)

Don’t scare me-

Just cook me the perfect Halloween recipe.



Clear-That Fear (80)

Panic and anxiety can be less fun-

If you think that you’re alone, that you are the only one.



Clear-That Fear (81)

To set the tone-

Only you can do the headwork, but in reality you are not alone.



Three We Learned Back In The Old Days (2009)

1. We stepped down when there was a conflict of interest.

2. We learned that truth was always best.

3. We knew we would pay a penalty if we did wrong.
We may have been taught the top three-
But through the corruption it is hard to see.


Three Wall Street Moments (2009)

1. Up.

2. Down.

3. All around.
A poster-
For a real live roller coaster.


Three Weather Moments (2009)

1. Windy.

2. Still.

3. Whatever happens to occur today.
The Texas weather sway-
Never know how it will feel the next day.


Three Examples Of Extended Vacations (2009)


1. Another week being added.

2. One was snowed in.

3. A nice word for being unemployed.
We like to smooth the word-
So that when said, it is “nicely” heard.


Three Reasons To Play The Lottery (2006)


1. To win.

2. To get rich.

3. To get a spot for your child in a magnet program.


And when you win-

The work for your child begins.


Three Examples Of You Reap What You Sow (2006)


1. Farmers raise animals, and get milk, eggs, and beef.

2. Farmers plant seeds, and get corn, wheat, and barley.

3. Farmers head to casting call, and get part on reality show.


Texas call for Farmer Wants a Wife-

Eventually finding one in the farming life.


Three Statements Depicting The Thought That Someone Just Got Back From A Long Trip (2006)


1. Rome was beautiful.

2. Coast to coast had its moments.

3. I just survived cancer .


The experience was mindblowing-

And now homefree is where I am going.


Three To Plant NOW (2014)

1. Good ideas.
2. Generosity.
3. Bulbs.
Joy to bring-
Pretty flowers, in the spring.


Three Things That You Do When You Go To The Grocery Store (2006)


1. You check out the fruits.

2. You browse through the frozen section.

3. You forget what you came for to begin with.


And as soon as you pull up in the drive-

You remember, and once again to the grocery

store you have to arrive.


Three Sums (2014)

1. 1+1=2.
2. 2+2=4.
3. Dance + self esteem = better math scores.
In addition-
Goodwill done.


Three Fashion Collections (2006)


1. Gucci.

2. Mac Viva Glam.

3. Imelda Marcos.


And to think that she was once in the news-

While her country was in poverty, she owned thousands of shoes.


Three Halloween Movies For Kids (2014)

1. Fun ones.
2. Interesting ones.
3. Not so scary ones.
Much care-
To avoid the nightmare.


Three Ways To Sink An Island (2006)


1. Naturally.

2. Earthquake.

3. Lone Star Rally.


300,000 motorcycles strong-

Not really sinking Galvestion Island,

but saying it was weighted down, can’t be wrong.


Three Before Zzzzz’s (2014)

1. Brush teeth.
2. Set clock.
3. Clear brain.
Otherwise only worry & strain-
Is the only thing you’ll gain.


Three Of Those Just When You Thought All Was Lost (2006)


1. You happen upon another chance.

2. The world looks brighter.

3. The Duchess of York launches jewelry line.


To benefit children, while keeping in mind-

That the royal stuff, has more shine.


Three Ways To Notice What’s Going On In Front Of You (2014)

1. Open eyes.
2. Look.
3. Get off cell phone.
To dive-
Into goings on live.


Three Things That Happened The Last Time Dick Cheney Went Hunting (2006)


1. He brought his gun.

2. He shot his friend.

3. He apologized, and so did his friend.


An apology his friend did send-

As in being sorry for ruining Cheney’s weekend.


Three Places To Find Well Dressed Men (2014)

1. Church.
2. Work.
3. Divorce court.
Available and free-
Dressed to the tee.


Three Huge Thirsts (2014)

1. After run.
2. Desert travel.
3. NYC.
A bust-
Simply humongous.


News Underway-Today Or Maybe Yesterday (27)

Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest-

And to accomplish that, we should give it our best.



Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose [C] (Trick Or Treat In The Neighborhood)

The children looked forward to Halloween-

For all types of costumes would be seen.


There would be scary ones and fun ones too-

There would be new ones and old ones, to pass through.


The neighborhood that is, for that is where the fun would take place-

As far as they could remember, that was always the case.


Going from house to house, to collect a lot of candy-

Filling their bags, that always came in handy.


Screaming trick or treat, is what would be popular that night-

With  adults opening the door, with lots of treats on site.


The children looked forward to Halloween-

For all types of costumes would be seen.







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